Strategic Resources and Support (SRS) is committed to advancing the campus values of diversity, equity and inclusion as we strive to make our campus a place where all of our students, faculty and staff can thrive and feel welcome. 

The office of the executive vice chancellor and chief operating officer (EVC-COO) plays a critical role in setting the tone for all of SRS and has implemented its own action plan, focusing on goal #1 of the campus-wide priorities inspired by the IDEA Plan.

To take full advantage of SRS's opportunities and resources, SRS will focus its efforts especially on one of the campuswide priorities:

Campuswide goal #1

Units will build capacity for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by focusing on employee skills and development.

EVC-COO office actions toward goal #1

  • Increase EVC-COO team members’ competencies and knowledge around skills and topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion by:

    • Engaging in educational content and discussions

    • Attending campus events that broaden team members’ understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion topics

  • Infuse shared equity leadership as a way of operating across the SRS leadership team – and subsequently within the SRS units – by: 

    • Incorporating values of shared equity leadership into job postings for leadership positions

    • Defining with the SRS leadership team the shared equity leadership practices and competencies we would like to assess, learn more about and target for improvement as a team

  • Build accountability structures for ensuring individual SRS units are achieving successful implementation of their own action plans by:

    • Engaging with the senior vice chancellor for diversity, equity and inclusion, the senior diversity, equity and inclusion consultants, and SRS division leaders regularly to track progress and remove barriers