Published: Aug. 26, 2019

Chancellor Philip P. DiStefanoWelcome to a new semester at CU Boulder! I want to especially welcome those who are new to our campus community. Though times have changed since I was a student (yes, I was once a student), here is my list of top five tips for students based on 45 years of experience as a professor, parent and now chancellor of this beautiful campus.

  1. Take care of yourself and others. 

    Mental and physical health and wellness are a top priority on our campus. Self-care is a key ingredient to your success. And please take the initiative to be on the lookout for others. We have many services available on campus. 

  2. Take advantage of everything a college campus has to offer. 

    You will find hundreds of stimulating events and speakers on campus throughout the semester. You also have the opportunity to meet people from other regions of the country and world. Your fellow students are from 50 states and 106 countries.

  3. Be present. 

    Tune out smartphones, the internet, social media in class. Look up and see what’s around you and soak it in.

  4. Try things outside your comfort zone.

    A university campus is about self-discovery and exploration. This may be academic, social, cultural or physical. The opportunities are endless. Meet new people and try different classes. Here is one place I like to go, but there are so many more places to explore.

  5. Have fun.

    Taking time to explore outside the classroom can broaden horizons and experiences in surprising ways and offer you some much needed down time. Whatever your endeavors, please be safe.

Have a great semester and Go Buffs!

Philip P. DiStefano