Published: Dec. 13, 2018

Back of student's head in common areaThe Unified Student Experience (USE) project team has been working to bring students and campus offices together to design and build Buff Portal, CU Boulder’s new student portal, which will replace the student functions in MyCUInfo.

Buff Portal will be the single simple starting point for students to view important information and complete their tasks. The project is building a brand-new portal from the ground up, emphasizing a mobile-friendly layout, robust searchability, and a personalized, customizable experience. In addition to improving the technology, the USE project is leveraging student feedback to identify processes and procedures that create barriers to student success, and working with the relevant departments and campus leadership to remove those barriers.

The Buff Portal design process involves students at every step—for each aspect of the portal, the team gathers information about what students would expect to see and do, asks them to help create and judge design solutions, and invites them to test every prototype to make sure development is on the right track.

A spring 2019 partnership with Student Affairs will increase the participation of student-employees in portal development efforts. A detailed example of this process can be found in this Case Study for the Student Portal Schedule Feature.

If you’d like to get involved or just learn more, contact the team via the USE project webpage.