Published: Aug. 29, 2018

Luis Ordorica, and members of the Unified Student Experience project team, authored a UI/UX case study on the student portal schedule feature.

Read the case study: USE-Schedule-Card-Case-Study.pdf

In summary:

  • CU Boulder is transforming the student digital experience via the Unified Student Experience (USE) project.
  • The USE UX working group conducted surveys and primary research to identify pain points and uncover opportunities.
  • We asked the question “why do students hire a schedule?” found the need, and filled it
  • The context is first two weeks of classes. The job: class day, time and location lookup.
  • We chose the Material design language to redo the schedule view in the student portal.
  • In a week-long design sprint, we developed sketches, designs and prototypes.
  • We vetted assumptions with student usability testing, using realistic examples for deeper insights.
  • We concluded the week with a UI specification for development.
  • The redesigned schedule application performed well with a sample group of students.  

Mobile view of schedule