Integrating Student Success Resources

A campus-wide project to unify the online and in-person CU Boulder student experience 

Project Scope: Create a seamless online and in-person experience for students, supported by policy, guidelines, governance and comprehensive student success resources, by transforming today’s fragmented digital and physical student support landscape.

Why are we doing this?

An intuitive and inviting student online experience has a direct effect on student engagement, as well as how students perceive the university. CU Boulder lags behind many of our peers in providing such an environment. When each service provider seeks to create better online tools and transactional systems by themselves, we create a disjointed and artificially difficult experience for students. By integrating and unifying campus-level services and support from the perspective of the students, rather than that of the service areas, we will enhance how students find the resources they need to succeed and thrive at CU Boulder.

 Strategic Imperative 1: Shape Tomorrow's Leaders

This project supports CU Boulder's strategic plan by developing a seamless experience that will decrease barriers to full participation in all aspects of college life: academics, community engagement and personal growth.

Executive Sponsors: Russ Moore & Kelly Fox

Our Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor recognize that our student portal is the virtual gateway students must navigate to successfully engage and progress to graduation. To serve our students, it is imperative that we better coordinate programs and services, ensure equal access to data and resources, and that we organize web content with attention to the student point of view. A coordinated entry into and through the portal will ensure more equitable access to relevant and important information, allowing students to intentionally navigate their individual experiences at CU Boulder.

We are committed to creating a comprehensive, seamless (single) student online experience in accord with six design principles. As this project evolves, proposed changes in the student online experience will be reviewed by the ERP Governance Committee, which will also review and approve the development of future student online experience ERP activities.