Published: Dec. 13, 2018
Academic advisor meets with student

In fall of 2017, CU Boulder embarked on the Foundations of Excellence (FoE) initiative in order to improve the campus experience for all first-year students by creating cross-campus programs that promote successful curricular and co-curricular pathways.

Earlier this semester, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Mary Kraus explained the campus had decided to place a slight pause on the implementation of these recommendations “in order to allow our campus leaders and collaborators to ensure there is a complete alignment with other campus initiatives before striking forward.” Primarily, campus leaders wanted to ensure the recommendations from Foundations of Excellence are aligned with and not duplicative of the recommendations of the Academic Futures initiative.

This fall, two separate committees were formed to advance the work of this initiative: the First-Year Experience Transition Committee and the Foundations of Excellence Advising Committee. Kraus says the campus has chosen to focus on the work of these two committees because both received strong support from both the Foundations of Excellence and Academic Futures initiatives. They will produce their reports in the spring of 2019.

For more, visit the Foundations of Excellence page.