Published: April 26, 2017
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With summer quickly approaching, now is a good time to check on your finances and make some goals for a successful summer. Check out the following tips and campus resources to keep you in tip-top financial shape.

CU Money Sense

CU Money Sense is the campus financial wellness program. Below, find links to financial tools and resources designed especially for college students.

Learn about budgeting

Learn about credit and credit cards

Learn about setting financial goals


1. Get a job.

As a young adult, experience is the most important aspect of building a strong resume and future career prospects. It is essential to have valuable work and internship experiences on your resume. Work experience paired with your college degree will make you an attractive job candidate after graduation.

Get started today with Career Buffs.

2. Save.

Save as much of your summer pay as you can. If it’s possible, live with family this summer and deposit those paychecks into a savings account. You can use your extra cash to live and have fun next year and perhaps even save for the future.

3. Budget.

Budget for next school year. How much do you need each semester for rent, food, utilities, books and fun? Don’t be that person who blows their savings for the entire year in the first month of school. 

Use the CU Money Sense budgeting tool or create your own budget.

4. Read.

With a lighter academic schedule you now have time for personal learning. Read a book or two about saving, finance and investing. Learning about money now will pay big dividends later. Healthy money habits early in life will help you get ahead.

5. Have fun!

It's summer time and there’s lots to do. Let the stress from the school year go and enjoy yourself. Recharge for the coming fall and get ready for another busy year.

In addition to these tips, there are resources on campus to help you manage your finances. If you are a graduating senior, visit CU Money Sense and Career Services on campus to help with job search and budgeting on your first salary. If you are an underclassman, both can help with internship search and preparing for your future.