Published: Jan. 5, 2024

Look out for your fellow Buffs
Being a leader on campus can be more than joining a program or holding a position in your student group. Our Colorado Creed reminds us that we build character based on our decisions and actions toward others. If you see something concerning, don’t hesitate to call for help. Know how to be an effective bystander and look out for other community members.
Whether you’re looking to get involved with something new or gain experience for your resume, there are many ways to be a leader in your community. From group projects to on-campus jobs, taking the initiative to build your leadership skills can help you during college and after graduation. Here are a few ways to develop your leadership skills at CU Boulder. 

Apply for a leadership role 

Many programs at CU Boulder allow you to gain leadership experience and meet fellow Buffs. Check out these opportunities to shine. 

  • CU GOLD: Gaining Opportunities through Leadership Development (CU GOLD) offers students ways to develop leadership skills through several leadership program paths and opportunities. 
  • CU in the Community project lead: Coordinate and direct volunteers. At the same time, you can build new connections, practice leadership skills and spend a day making a positive impact while participating in meaningful service. 
  • Journey Leader program: Journey Leaders are students within the New Student & Family Programs that welcome new Buffs to campus. You can gain valuable leadership experience while meeting new people and getting involved on campus. 
  • Peer Wellness Coach: Work one-on-one with students to set wellness goals and share resources to help them achieve their goals. 
  • Peers Educating and Empowering Peers (PEEP): Work with the Center for Inclusion and Social Change to advance social justice, equity and inclusion initiatives on campus. 

Participate on a student board or committee 

Joining a student board or committee lets you use your voice and help make decisions that affect our campus community. Here are some opportunities to consider: 

  • Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Board: Develop programs and educational opportunities to enrich the campus experience for CU Boulder students. 
  • Cultural Events Board: Broaden cultural knowledge by supporting the voices of underrepresented and misrepresented groups on campus to promote student engagement with their platforms. 
  • CU Student Government (CUSG): Serve your peers, make a difference and leave your mark at CU Boulder by participating in student government. 
  • Distinguished Speakers Board: Bring well-known speakers to campus and grow your skills in planning and implementing large-scale events. 
  • Environmental Center Board: Advocate for campus environmental policy, determine funding for innovative sustainability projects, get practical experience and more. 
  • Rec Center Board: Promote the improvement of the Recreation Center and the university community through planning and positive action.  
  • Senior Class Council: Keep seniors informed and involved while building pride, tradition and community among the graduating class. 
  • Student Health Board: Implement programs, provide information and connect students with resources to improve health on and off campus. 
  • UMC Board: Create policy, develop creative solutions to challenging issues and grow your leadership skills. 
  • Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) Board: Through policy-making, leadership and outreach, being part of the VRC Board allows you to play a vital role in shaping the future of community service at CU Boulder. 

Take on a leadership role in a club or organization 

Most student organizations, fraternities and sororities, and sport clubs have leadership roles for students to fill. These roles offer a chance to develop various skills and experiences you can use well after your time at CU Boulder. 

If you aren’t involved with a group or organization, join one! With more than 500 student organizations, there’s something for everyone. Browse BuffConnect to explore student groups by topic or alphabetical list. You can also explore opportunities to participate in Fraternity & Sorority Life. The Recreation Center offers Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs to help students get involved. 

Volunteer in your community 

Volunteering is a great way to be a leader on campus and in Boulder. You can meet new people and make a positive difference in your community. There are many options to fit your schedule. Visit the Volunteer Resource Center to learn more and search for available opportunities on CUServes

Work on campus

On-campus jobs offer students a convenient way to gain experience, earn money and build leadership skills. CU Boulder has a wide range of student jobs at different levels to meet student needs. Many positions offer opportunities to take on more responsibility over time. You can also apply for paid student leadership positions. 

  • ASAP tutor mentors: ASAP tutor mentors work with students living in the residence halls and first-year students in paid tutoring positions. 
  • Community assistant: Students work in the residence hall community centers, helping with day-to-day tasks and encouraging community building in the halls. 
  • The Recreation Center: The Rec offers many leadership positions that provide invaluable experience working with the public while earning income.
  • Commuter Peer Mentor (CPMs): Serve as a student leader assisting first‐year commuter students with their transition to CU Boulder through mentorship, programming and event planning. 
  • Conference Services: Conference Services is hiring now for summer conference positions where you can gain leadership experience and earn money at CU over the summer. 
  • Dining Services: Join the Dining Services team with job opportunities throughout campus. They offer personal and professional development and opportunities for advancement. 

Check out other on-campus job positions within the Division of Student Affairs. 

Start your leadership journey

Gaining leadership skills and experience to add to your resume can help when looking for a job or internship. Learn more about how to build professional skills and experience with Career Services

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