The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) fosters a culture of service by connecting CU Boulder to engagement opportunities that positively impact our communities. Through an educational framework of equity and inclusion, we develop socially responsible student leaders who understand, advocate for, and provide services to meet campus and community needs.

The purpose of the VRC Board is to work with the VRC staff to ensure that it is acting in accordance with its mission. Through policy-making, leadership and outreach the Board guides the development and future of the Center.

In 1965, a handful of CU students saw a need for volunteers in the community and thus founded the Volunteer Resource Center.  The organization was one of the first of its kind in the country.  Since then, the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) has grown, working to fill an ever-expanding range of needs and striving to serve the community.  

Five decades later the VRC has grown and currently manages some large scale service events, hosts the Alternative Breaks programs for CU Boulder, resources students with volunteer opportunities, and assists with many events on campus like Fall Welcome and co-plans the Be Involved Fair to get students to find their home and passion at CU.

The VRC has historically been a student-run organization and we want you to consider the Board as a place to exercise your leadership and gain some valuable volunteer experience within the VRC community.

Applications are currently open for several voting and non-voting positions. Applications are due November 30 and reviewed on a rolling basis. 

VRC Joint Board Application