Important Update: Court Mandated Community Service and COVID-19
Students are able to volunteer with nonprofit organizations that are open and operational during this time. Volunteer opportunities will follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and volunteers are responsible for following protocol required to serve vulnerable populations responsibly and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some virtual volunteer opportunities may exist based on current community need and in-person volunteer opportunities will require social distancing and a face covering over the nose and mouth. Students with mandated service hours will need to directly contact their probation officer for updated deadline information and to discuss possible extensions based on individual circumstances.
Students in bright vests working in the mountains

About the Boulder Municipal Court Program

The VRC is proud to partner with the Boulder Municipal Court in order to serve as a resource for CU students who are sanctioned to complete court mandated volunteer hours. Our program provides students who have been sanctioned through the Boulder Municipal Court with the support and information they need to be successful and self-directed through the process of completing mandated community service hours. Students are required to complete an hour-long volunteer orientation faciliated through the Volunteer Resource Center and must have their hours approved before submitting proof of completion to the court. 

The orientation counts as one hour of community service and provides students with our service philosophy and information about where they can volunteer, how to connect with organizations to get started and how to successfully submit proof of completion. Our goal is to empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to engage in direct service while they learn, make new connects and make a positive impact in their community. 

What to expect from the hour long orientation

  • Orientations are offered twice weekly during Fall and Spring semester and must be scheduled with our team directly during Summer months.
  • The orientation is offered virtually for students' convenience and accessibility during breaks. 
  • An overview of programs and services offered by the Volunteer Resource Center.
  • How to be an effective volunteer and engage in meaningful community service.
  • How to connect with volunteer opportunities on and off campus.
  • How to document and verify service hours within the CUServes Boulder Municipal Court Program.
  • Tools and support for time management and personal planning.
  • Additional support resources and referrals.
  • During the Community Service Orientation, participants will need to have their camera on (if they have the technology to do so) and plan to be engaged with the facilitator and other attendees for the entire time.
  • Attendees will be charged $25 through the Bursar’s Office for the facilitation of their Community Service Orientation.

Summer Orientation Sessions Available Upon Request:

During Summer months, orientations are avaiable upon request. In order to sign up for an orientation, click the gold button below to join the BMC group on CUServes, choose the "sign-in via Colorado" option, and then message us directly to schedule your orientation.

Schedule your Community Service Orientation

Important Reminder

Students must attend an orientation before volunteering in order to make sure they are following instructions specific to the requirements of our program. 

Per the VRC's agreement with the Boulder Municipal Court, volunteering at the following organizations will not count towards court mandated service hours:

  • Pre-arranged volunteering through a sorority or fraternity
  • Goodwill
  • Program Council
  • Pay for Service Hours Opportunities- Including Logan Social Services

The Volunteer Resource Center provides support and information to students navigating the process of completing court mandated community service hours and students are ultimately responsible for following instructions and completing all requirements properly.