timeline of the volunteer resource center with an image of the flatirons

Mission Statement

The Volunteer Resource Center fosters a culture of service by connecting CU Boulder to engagement opportunities that positively impact our communities. Through an educational framework of equity and inclusion, we develop socially responsible student leaders who understand, advocate for, and provide services to meet campus and community needs.


In 1965, a handful of CU students saw a need for volunteers in the community and thus founded the Volunteer Clearinghouse. The organization was one of the first of its kind in the nation. Since then, the Volunteer Clearinghouse grew, working to fill an ever expanding range of needs and striving to serve more and more segments of the community. In 2008 the Volunteer Clearinghouse changed its name to the Volunteer Resource Center. Today, the VRC continues to connect students with volunteer programs that best fit their individual interests and needs. In 2017, CU Student Government approved two new professional staff positions that will allow the VRC to grow and expand services to more students, staff, and faculty on campus, as well as manage our connections to community partners in a more sustainable way.