The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) is hiring several hourly student assistants and a graduate student assistant. The VRC is a diverse team full of individuals who are excited to connect students with resources, engage and plan service opportunities for our campus with our communities, and make a larger social impact through education, service, and reflection. We invite you to read the job descriptions at the bottom of the page so you can learn about the requirements and expectations for each position, and then apply!

Undergraduate Student Staff Positions

The hourly student staff positions will fill vacancies for current staff who are graduating or departing at the end of this semester. The positions are scheduled to begin work March 22, 2021 and will continue through the end of the spring semester for approximately 5 to 7 hours weekly. This time will be used to train and orient you to take over once the current staff members leave. Beginning Fall 2021, students will work approximately 10-12 hours weekly. Hourly pay for student staff in these roles starts at $12.32/hr. The available postions are as follows:

  • Alternative Breaks Student Assistant
    • Assist the VRC in developing, planning, and implementing the CU Alternative Breaks program. The student in this position will also assist with training and oversight of the Alternative Breaks Site Leaders.
  • Communications and Social Media Student Assistant
    • Assist the VRC with all social media and online communication and outreach. The student in this position will create and design unique, exciting, and engaging social media and communications content to share with the greater CU community.
  • Feed the Stampede Student Assistant
    • Be a part of the program that assists CU students with food assistance and basic needs initiatives. The students in this role will assist with the planning and implementation of various food assistance events including the Buff Pantry, Mobile Food Pantries, campus food drives, and the campus Swipe it Forward program.
  • CU Serves Student Assistant
    • Be the direct connection between CU students and local volunteer opportunities. The student in this position will work and meet with students directly to discover their interests and assist with their referral or placement with campus and local community organizations.

Graduate Student Staff Positions

The Volunteer Resource Center is also hiring a Graduate Student Assistant to assist with the Feed the Stampede Program. To be eligible for the role, students must be full-time, fee paying graduate students. We also ask that applicants have previous experience supervising undergraduate students and/or volunteers. This position will start at $16.00-$18.00 hourly, depending on experience. Here's some of what to expect in the role:​

  • The Feed the Stampede Graduate Student Assistant will assist and support the administrative functions and events of the Feed the Stampede program, which
    includes the following:
    • Operational oversight of food orders and deliveries
    • Supervision of undergraduate student assistants and volunteers
    • Assist in the creation and implementation of a high impact volunteer program
    • Inventory tracking
    • Planning Mobile Food Pantry events, overseeing logistics and management of distributions
    • Support for fundraising and outreach efforts to secure additional funding for programs
    • Swipe It Forward, meal swipe donation program management
    • Food Drive coordination with campus and community partners

For more information on all of the positions available, please check the job descriptions in the links below.

VRC Student Staff Job Descriptions

Feed the Stampede Graduate Student Assistant Job Description

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