rec board members 2019

The Recreation Board is a joint board of student and non-students consisting of nine members operating under the authority of the University of Colorado Student Government. One of the most important roles of the Recreation Board is to act as a policy setting body that works toward promoting the improvement of the Recreation Center and the University community through planning and positive action. The Recreation Board is a Joint Board and reports to Legislative Council. The Student Recreation Center is a CUSG Cost Center and funded by CUSG (student fees). 

Board Members

Anthony Price

Gwen King

Madison Langman
Secretary: Voting Member

Rodrigo Marcondes
Voting Member

Linda Park
Voting Member

Mike Chornack
Voting Member

George Conway
CUSG Student Body President

Olivia Johnson
CUSG Homecoming and Athletics Chair

Jack Zweck-Bronner
CUSG Representative at Large


Rec Board meets every Thursday at 5 p.m. in the Rec Center Lobby Conference Room

The Rec Board is actively seeking voting and non-voting members. Please fiill out a CUSG Recreation Board Application to apply.