This is an image of the Eco-Social Justice Leadership Program flyer. It's background is a piece of artwork with a woman holding the earth with words such as "climate," "Justice," "Permaculture," and "Solutions."  She stands in front of city building outlines with large tree outlines in the very back. It encourages people to apply for the certifiacte program and includes the logos of both CISC and the Environmental Center.

The Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC, formerly CUE) and the Environmental Center are pleased to continue this innovative student training program.

The Eco-Social Justice Leadership program empowers students with the knowledge and skills to advance both sustainability and social justice efforts. The purpose of this program is to illuminate the direct correlation of sustainability and social justice work which, in turn, creates an opportunity for student leadership and action surrounding this work on CU campus and beyond. The program will build a community of change agents, explore questions of identity and place, heritage and inheritance, root causes of the global unravelling, and create community solutions. We will examine individual actions and identities as well as global institutions and world views, and different approaches to ecological systems and design. We will also meet with and learn from practitioners in the field.

This program was sparked by the weekend-long Innovation Lab held in January of 2014 with Fight for Light, which was also a partnership between CISC (previously SORCE, CUE) and and the Environmental Center.

Students will:

  •     Increase their understanding of social, environmental and economic issues
  •     Including the history of Environmental Justice, Sustainable development, Permaculture, Eco-feminism & more
  •     Increase their sense of purpose and self-efficacy
  •     Learn facilitation skills and tools
  •     Increase communication and cross-collaboration among various on-campus groups
  •     Meet and learn from practitioners in the field
  •     Explore social identities
  •     Develop creative solutions and practical plans for actions engaging the community
  •     Learn to make a self-published 'zine & work as a team to develop one
  •     Build community and share food together
  •     Meet nationally renowned artivists
  •     Earn a Leadership Certificate

Spring 2020 Program Application Now Open

The program details are still in development. The semester involves participation in a full day training and a series of events and networking opportunities.  Those who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate. Applications for spring 2020 are due January 17.

Apply for the Spring 2020 cohort

Applications for the Spring 2020 cohort is January 17th, 2020.


Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish, Energy & Climate Justice Manager, CU Environmental Center. Founder of Eco-Social Justice Leadership Certificate Program 

Photo of facilitator, Michelle Gabrieloff-Parish smiling    




Students from the program playing a game outside in the grass         Photo of banner Eco-Social Justice Leadership Program students created which reads "We are the Movement" and has their handprints around it  Participants engaging in an interactive exercise, largely in a circle