The Space Information Map is a resource that brings together building, geographic, and spatial data into one map interface for campus stakeholders. It is a map that has our updated floor plans for campus buildings, and connects that with our latest space data from our space management system. The map links out to other valuable resources including our Floorplan PDF Sharepoint Site as well as our Space Optimization Tableau Site that has access to space reports. The creation of this tool is a part of our mission to liberate our spatial data on campus and get it into more people's hands to make informed decisions about space on campus. 

If you have access to this resource, please be aware that you will need to be connected to the CU VPN to access it even if on campus. At login, please select University of Colorado at Boulder under Enterprise login to login with your identikey:

 UCB Space Information Map (SIM)

We have user instructions available below, and be aware that you will need to use your CU Google account to access it. 

Using the Space Information Map

The main campus stakeholders who have access to this resource are as follows: