Request Space Allocation

Learn more about requesting a space allocation such as when to use this process, things to consider before entering a request, the process model that requests will follow, and a link to the webform.

Update Space Information

Learn more about how to update your space information, the importance of keeping this information up to date, the process model for updating space on campus, and a link to the webform.

Request Space Report

Learn more about how to request a space report, the types of reports and data available, the process model for requesting a report, and a link to the webform.

Focus Areas


Helpful information and links revolving around the governance of space use on campus. This includes space guidelines, space policies, organizations relating to space, and the history of space governance on campus.


Current processes and models for various space updates and requests.  These include requesting space, updating space information, requesting space reports, and memorandum's of understanding (MOU's).


Reports and reference documentation concerning space allocation and utilization on campus, including information on the tools we use and our power user portal for special access to space data and information.