General Notes

When to use this process

The Space Optimization team has developed a method to request space across units. Existing methods to request and allocate space within a unit is not being changed. The focus is on space needs that cannot be accommodated within a division's existing portfolio.

Consider the following:

  1. Requests for space allocations shall first go through the requesting division. Complete a Request Space Allocation webform only if it has been determined there is no space available within the requester’s division.
  2. Requests for space outside current university space may work directly with Real Estate Services, or be referred to Real Estate Services by Planning, Design and Construction.
  3. Requests for renovation or repair work should submit a service request with Facilities Management.



When a need is identified, the unit completes a Request Space Allocation webform. This webform is sent to the Office of Space Optimization (OSO) were solutions are explored in concert with the client and our colleagues in Planning, Design & Construction (PD&C). Once complete, a solution recommendation will be sent to the Capital Governance Subcommittee (CGS) for deliberation or approval per a consent agenda. The recommendation would then be forward to the Capital Governance Group (CGG) for approval. The CGG group would also hear and decide appeals. Lastly, the space would be reallocated per the recommendation and a memorandum of understanding would be executed.     

Process Model (draft)

  • This process model shows in detail the process for requesting space, starting from the initial request and going through the decision making process to the eventual outcome of space allocation.  View a PDF version of this process model here.

space allocation request process model