General Notes

The importance of keeping space information up to date

  • Having accurate space information allows for more informed decisions to be made about the allocation of space on campus.
  • An accurate space information database gives us the ability to track our use of space on campus and optimize the efficiency of all space use and leads to less money spent on new and renovated spaces on campus.  This leaves more money available to improve the learning experience and research mission of the campus.
  • Functionalization information for rooms is heavy relied upon for indirect cost recovery.

When to use this process

  • This webform is designed for campus stakeholders to enter updates to the spaces used within a building or within a certain organization, office, or group.
  • The main space information to be updated includes location types, organization allocations, and functionalizations. 
  • Each individual room on campus has an assigned location type, organization(s) and functionalization(s).
    • Each room can only have one location type (the main type).
    • A room can have more than one organization assigned to it with a percentage of use by each organization.
    • Each organization allocated to the room has one or more functionalizations assigned with a percentage for each.
  • When a room's usage changes, this webform should be filled out and submitted so that updates can be made in the space management system accordingly.

Building Surveys

  • Our office conducts regular building surveys to validate and update space information on campus.
  • These surveys are either conducted digitally or physically.
  • If a digital survey was provided to you with missing rooms for your organization, use this form.


Process Model

  • This process model includes all the methods and decision points for updating and maintaining our space management system.  View a PDF version of this process model here.
  • On this process model, 'OSO' refers to the Office of Space Optimization, and 'Client' refers to you, or other stakeholders such as building proctors or space coordinators on campus who assist OSO with the updating of space information in the space management system. 

Update Space Information Process Model