General Notes

When to use MOUs

Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) are signed agreements which are constructed in order to shift space allocations between groups (departments, colleges, units, offices, etc.) on campus.  There is not a current defined process for the generation of these agreements, and one of our initiatives is to standardize the process for MOUs.  

Current state of MOUs 

  • No formal structure for who can generate, sign, or review these agreements.
  • Multiple templates being used with different parameters and verbiage included in the agreements.
  • No common storage medium for filing and accessing signed MOUs.
  • No review process for MOUs without ending dates.
  • Some colleges and other groups on campus have their own processes for MOUs but there is not a campus wide process.

Ongoing initiative

  • We, the Office of Space Optimization, are partnering with key campus stakeholders such as the Office of the Registrar and the Office of the Senior Vice Provost to develop a standardized process for MOUs.

Future state of MOUs

  • With our initiative we envision a future state that includes:
    • Formal structure for who generates, signs, and reviews MOUs.
    • Standardized templates used for MOUs with common parameters and verbiage included.
    • Common storage medium for filing MOUs where users can access and search for them based on key information such as the building, department or room in question.
    • Formalized regular review process for MOUs still in effect to determine if the agreements are still valid and justified.