Does the student need immediate assistance?


The student’s conduct is clearly reckless, disorderly, dangerous or threatening and suggestive of immediate harm to self or others in the community.

What to do:

I'm Not Sure

Signs of distress are visible but the severity is unclear. The interaction has left you feeling uneasy or concerned about the student and you’re not sure how to proceed.

What to do:


I’m not concerned for the student’s immediate safety but they are having significant academic and/or personal issues and could use support.

What to do:

  • See our list of campus resources below to connect the student with support on campus.

Mandatory Reporting

In addition to referring a student to resources, any sexual misconduct, intimate partner abuse (including dating and domestic violence), stalking, protected-class discrimination or harassment, or related retaliation must be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC).

For questions regarding these issues or the obligation to report, please contact OIEC at 303-492-2127.