El Programa de Asistencia a la Facultad y el Personal                  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Statement

The Faculty & Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is dedicated to serving the emotional and psychological needs of the campus community. All FSAP staff are trained as generalist counselors and are equipped to deal with a wide range of personal and work related issues. You must be a CU Boulder employee to use FSAP services, and services are free to all CU Boulder faculty and staff members.

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Counseling FAQ

During your initial meeting or 'intake appointment', an FSAP counselor will gather a thorough history from you. Many of our intake sessions are facilitated by a trained graduate-level intern supervised by a licensed mental health provider. Based on information gathered during the intake meeting, FSAP clinicians will determine appropriateness of continued work with your intake counselor or will provide assignment to another FSAP counselor.

DocuSign Information

In support of our University-wide effort to reduce use of paper while also improving efficiency, FSAP now offers DocuSign form completion. DocuSign is our preferred means of receiving client documents. Important: After clicking on a DocuSign form below, you will be prompted to sign into the DocuSign document with your name and preferred email address. Please use the name that you generally print when signing an official document. Use the email address that you prefer FSAP use to communicate with you should you provide email permission. 

Please Note: We request information from all new and previous clients. The documents listed below are requested each year. If (1) year has passed since you last completed FSAP forms, please follow the links below to provide updated information.

DocuSign Forms

Click on the link that includes the name of your counselor. Complete and sign on-line – your documents will auto-send to a secure FSAP email address via DocuSign.

​​Non-DocuSign Forms

If you prefer completing forms manually, please print, complete and bring to your first session.

Non-DocuSign Disclosure Statements

Click on your counselor below; Read, sign and bring to your session.

At times, longer-term counseling could be more beneficial than starting short-term counseling with an FSAP counselor. In these situations, referrals will be made during the initial appointment or at a scheduled follow-up session. In emergency or urgent situations, referral information can also be provided solely via phone, without an appointment. These urgent referrals may be to providers addressing needs related to hospice, eldercare, childcare, basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, energy), and many other issues. While FSAP cannot endorse community providers, we can suggest strategies and resources for finding providers including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and addictions counselors.

FSAP provides guidance and support to supervisors with the following goals in mind:

  • Alleviate, reduce, or better manage workplace stressors
  • Assist managers and/or supervisors in gaining a better understanding of work setting issues or conflict, and formulate a plan to resolve challenging situations
  • Assist with implementation of action plans, follow-up to assess plan efficacy, and identify the need for additional interventions

Supervisor consultation is available to support managers in many situations, including:

  • Understanding and managing difficult employee behaviors
  • Addressing workplace morale
  • Emotional and psychological impact of major workplace decisions and transitions
  • Concerning behaviors or sudden shifts the behavior(s) of an employee of concern
  • Assisting an employee in finding counseling or other resources
  • Communicating effectively with staff members
  • Addressing Substance Use and/or Abuse and its impact on the workplace
  • Departmental teambuilding 
  • Violence in the workplace

Meet Our Counselors

NameContact Information
Stanley Ly, MA, LPC
Director, Faculty & Staff Assistance Program
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
Emily Black, BA
Intern Counselor
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
Casey Capron, BA
Intern Counselor
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
Paulette Erickson England, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Staff Counselor
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
Esther Horowitz, MA
Staff Counselor and Intake Coordinator • Bilingual, Spanish-speaking
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
Meredith Lopez, MA, LPC
Licensed Staff Counselor
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program