The members of the University of Colorado Boulder Police Department (CUPD) are dedicated to providing the highest quality police services in order to enhance community safety, protect life and property, and reduce crime and the fear of crime. To do this, we pledge to develop a partnership with the community, to lead a community commitment to resolve problems, and to improve the safety and quality of life for all CU affiliates.

Register for CUPD Active Harmer Response Class

Since Jan. 2016, more than 1,200 faculty and staff have attended the CU Boulder Police Department’s Workplace Violence/Active Harmer Response and Prevention Training classes. This series of classes has been offered to campus departments upon request. On Wednesday, April 26, CUPD will hold four class sessions specifically on Active Harmer Response for students, faculty and staff. The classes will be held at the Space Sciences Building on East Campus. Class times are: 8-9:30, 10-11:30, 1-2:30, and 3-4:30. Registration and your BuffOne card are needed to attend one of the free training sessions.