Women's volleyball team

The Recreation Injury Care Center is staffed by 2 certified athletic trainers and a number of student interns who are trained in first aid and injury care.

What we do

The RICC offers free services to Sport Clubs participants including but not limited to:

  • Evaluation and referral of injuries
  • First aid and emergency care
  • Therapeutic modalities
  • Baseline concussion testing
  • Prevention of athletic injuries

  • Professional referrals
  • Performance and recovery strategies
  • Taping (patrons must provide tape)
  • Stretching techniques

Report an injury or incident 


Team medkits are available for season check out.  If you run low on supplies, please let us know so we can restock your kit. Larger medkits are available for traveling purposes. Please be sure to use the sign out sheet posted on the cabinet door when checking out and returning a medkit. It is important that medkits are returned promptly so that they can be stocked and ready for the following trip or game. If your team checks out a medkit for the season and it is not returned at the appropriate time, your team’s account will be charged  to replace the medkit and supplies inside. Because of this, we urge your team coach, president or captain to be responsible for the medical kits.


If possible and schedule permitting, practice rounds will be made by the RICC staff. All staff is certified in CPR/ First Aid and can provide first aid and ice if needed. If no medical staff is present, any injury should brought to the Recreation Injury Care Center or the nearest hospital or urgent care center. If it's an emergency, please call 911.

Game day information

RICC staff will be present at all home games for high risk sports. Athletic trainers will arrive 45-60 minutes prior to game time. During home competitions, the RICC staff will provide all taping supplies and services for free. 

Visiting team information

RICC staff is available during home games and will check in for any needs before and immediately following the game.

More information for visiting teams

RICC staff and Sport Clubs staff will bring a medical kit, treatment table, water coolers and an ice chest to home competitions. Players are enocuraged to bring sports drinks. Please inform your team's club director if you need home coverage and are not one of the high risk sports.

Away Competitions

If your team would like an athletic trainer to provide coverage for an away competition, please inform your team's club director at least 3 weeks in advance. Compensation for the athletic trainer ($30/hour), as well as travel and food expenses will come from the individual sport team’s budget.

Schedule Changes

If there are any changes to your schedule, please let the recreation injury care staff and your team's director know immediately so that appropriate coverage can be provided or cancelled.