Name: Cassidy Francies
Major (s): Political Science & Psychology
Minor (s): Education
Certificate (s): None

My Pathway:

Freshman year:

  • Took exploratory education classes to explore the school
  • Started as Political Science, added Psychology in the Spring
  • Took introductory coursework to explore the majors

Sophomore year: 

  • Met with education advisor to discuss adding EDUC to my degree.
  • Took more classes related to education to cement my decision
  • Continued working through the Psychology and Political Science degree requirements

Junior year:

  • Added the EDUC minor
  • Took several practicums in local Boulder classrooms
  • Continued taking classes to finish the Political Science degree requirements
  • Interned in DC through CU in D.C. in Michael Bennet's Office.

Senior year: 

  • Explored how EDUC & PSCI can work together, became interested in teaching but also education policy, think tanks, and the politics of education
  • Wrote a PSCI Honors Thesis
  • Began applying for positions in teaching, education policy, think tanks, and other education related fields

Freshman-Sophomore: Interned with CO Municipal League as a policy analyst
Sophomore-Junior: Recharged
Junior-Senior: Interned at a nonprofit called "A Precious Child"

  • I did not know for sure that this was the path I wanted to take until my junior year when I started getting classroom experience and added the minor. Interning for Bennet's office and working on education policy helped me see the intersections between political science and education and established my desire to pursue this path.

  • Get involved in the School of Education as soon as possible. It is really nice to get the coursework under your belt and get a lot of classroom experience. 

  • I would have added an EDUC component to my degree sooner, which might have allowed me to graduate with a licensure instead of just a minor. This would of required summer courses, which I also would have taken to get some requirements out of the way.

  • I really loved CU in D.C. It was fun, genuine real world experience that was eye opening about what was possible with my degrees and my skillset. It also helped build strong connections and networks in policy circles.

  • I was a Residential Advisor (RA) for two years and was also a Student Ambassador for CU helping connect prospective students to the campus and the college.

  • Take advantage of all the opportunities available through Political Science and the School of Education. Talk to faculty, talk to advisors and get as much information as possible about all the options early so you can have a clearer path in the home stretch.