Do you want to put classroom learning into real-world action and to have a transformational learning experience that sets you apart?  

Learn about the CU in D.C. program at to find out how you can intern and take CU courses for a semester in Washington D.C. 

By participating in the program, you can:
• Gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging job market
• Acquire indispensable hands-on professional skills & experience
• Live, work, and study in the vibrant city of Washington D.C.CU in DC
• Secure future job opportunities and recommendations
• Explore career options and discover your talents and interests
• Make meaningful and helpful professional connections
• Sharpen your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
• Gain greater self-confidence and a strong sense of accomplishment
• Get a first-hand glimpse into the inner-workings of some of D.C.’s most interesting agencies, institutions, and organizations