Name: Rick Zorce
Major (s): Political Science
Minor (s): Philosophy
Certificate (s): None

My Pathway:

Freshman year:

  • Got a job off-campus in food service
  • Joined Phi Alpha Delta (Pre-Law Fraternity)
  • Added Philosophy as a minor
  • Finished intro classes to PSCI

Junior year: 

  • Got an on-campus job at the Wolf Law School in the Career Development Center
  • Applied and accepted to take the Designing 4 Defense graduate course (Interdisciplinary Capstone with the Department of Defense)
  • Began upper division PSCI requirements
  • Continued completing Philosophy minor requirements

Senior year: 

  • Completed upper division PSCI requirements
  • Completed Philosophy minor requirements
  • Completed Honors Thesis in PSCI Department
  • Began studying for LSAT

Year Off: 

  • Looking to do internships on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.
  • Taking LSAT in summer
  • Applying in early fall for multiple out-of-state law schools

During my first two summers of my undergraduate studies, I interned at the Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta, Georgia for Chief Judge Christopher S. Brasher. The third summer of my undergraduate study I took a Maymester course called “Intro to American Law”. It was offered by Wolf Law School.

Legal logic and oral argumentation had always appealed to me. After interning at the Fulton County Superior Court, I knew 100% this was going to be my path. The experience of seeing trials and hearings really inspired me to want to pursue a legal career.


There is really no true way to know if you’ll enjoy a career in law or studying law until you get to Law School. For that reason, I think it's super important for those who are interested in going down this path to get as much exposure to the legal realm as possible. Whether it be listening to oral arguments, going to a courthouse to watch a hearing, or just reading court opinions, it helps you see what a day in Law really is.

If anything, I think I would have gotten more involved in campus activities. Most of my attention during my undergraduate career was on maintaining my grades. Of course this is important, but I feel like I missed out on networking opportunities possible in campus activities.

The Designing 4 Defense course really helped my oral speaking and presentation skills. It focused on presenting weekly updates on the policy proposal that your group was working on throughout the Capstone. In addition, completing an Honors Thesis in the Political Science Department was super helpful. There is a lot of research that you’ll have to do in Law School and a legal career. Being able to complete my own research project through my Honors Thesis helped further improve my research skills and my ability to take the important information from relevant literature. 


I was a part of the Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity. We had weekly talks with admission officers from different Law Schools.  


At times, it's going to seem like a long journey just to get through your Undergraduate studies with an appropriate LSAT and GPA. Remind yourself this is just the beginning of everything and a small setback will seem meaningless at the end of your journey.