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“The cure for democracy’s ills is more democracy”
                                                                   - John Dewey


Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Protests: The International Response

Image Source: ChannelNewsAsia The Hong Kong Protests: The International Response CPSR Editorial Board By: Editorial Board Introduction Hong Kong holds a special and strategic position in the geopolitical realm. After the British handover to China in 1997, Hong Kong became subject to the ‘one country, two systems’ policy enabling Hong...

climate change thumbnail
Climate Change and Geopolitics
Protests in France Unite Left and Right, Urban and Rural

United States


Elevating Indigenous Peoples in the United States Congress

Image Source: Washington Post Elevating Indigenous Peoples in the United States Congress By: Ellie Stanton Introduction In 1835 a minority party of Cherokees agreed to a series of compromises that lead to the Treaty of New Echota . Not unlike modern day politics, the decision stood against the tribal majority...

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Balancing the Ticket: Profit-making Versus Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Formidable or a Formality? Examining the impact of the State of the Union Address
US gob shutdown
The Cost of Impasse: Examining the recent US government shutdown

Student Op-Eds


The Chinese Scramble for the Gulf of Guinea

Source - Council on Foreign Relations - 2017 Introduction In 2013, China launched the Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen its state-owned enterprises (SOE), create new export markets and augment its geopolitical power. China began investing in African and Asian transportation, energy and infrastructure, currently amounting to over 100 billion...