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The Colorado Political Science Review is a nonpartisan student written and edited publication dedicated to produce insightful and accurate reporting on the issues of today. Our core mission is to contribute nonpartisan analysis to politically controversial issues. In order to set us apart from other publications, we use political science to address and understand real world problems.

“The cure for democracy’s ills is more democracy”
                                                                   - John Dewey

CPSR Statement of Support for BLM​

The Colorado Political Science Review at the University of Colorado at Boulder stands in active solidarity with CU’s Black Student Alliance, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Black community as a whole to demand the dismantling of the racist institutions upon which the United States is built. We, along with these communities, demand justice for the systemic profiling, harassment, assault, and killing of BIPOC in the United States and internationally. Click here to read more!

Student Op-Eds


How Israeli Domestic Politics Make the Israel-Palestine Peace Process Destined to Fail

Image Source: Politico How Israeli Domestic Politics Make the Israel-Palestine Peace Process Destined to Fail By Ellie Stanton The protracted conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has continued to dominate international discussion and attention. Despite various peace plans and initiatives, the ostensibly interminable negotiations within the international community have yet...

public health
The Many Additional Battles Public Health Faces
The China India Border Conflict, The Great Game and a Sino–Indian Split
United States: Health Inequalities are Worsening
Moving Forward, but in Circles



The Competition Between Airbus and Boeing

Image Retrieved From: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/06/business/boeing-airbus-world-trade-organization.html The Competition Between Airbus and Boeing By Kavya Kannan Introduction The international airplane manufacturing industry is dominated by the United State’s Boeing, Europe’s Airbus. Through subsidies, the United States and several European countries have made significant financial contributions to their respective manufacturers , fueling competition and...

Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Protests: The International Response
climate change thumbnail
Climate Change and Geopolitics
Protests in France Unite Left and Right, Urban and Rural

United States


Rhetoric and the Trump Presidency: Hate Speech vs. The First Amendment

Image Retrieved From: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/02/28/trump-south-carolina-rally-coronavirus-118269 Rhetoric and the Trump Presidency: Hate Speech vs. The First Amendment By Dylan Yachyshen and Elizabeth Mather Introduction In 2016, Donald Trump won the presidential election as an outspoken right-wing populist railing against the “ political swamp ” in Washington. Three years later, his capricious actions...

Can’t Do With, Can’t Do Without: The Use of Private Military Contractors in U.S. War Efforts
Elevating Indigenous Peoples in the United States Congress
Pharma Thumbnail
Balancing the Ticket: Profit-making Versus Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Formidable or a Formality? Examining the impact of the State of the Union Address