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The Colorado Political Science Review is a nonpartisan student written and edited publication dedicated to produce insightful and accurate reporting on the issues of today. Our core mission is to contribute nonpartisan analysis to politically controversial issues. In order to set us apart from other publications, we use political science to address and understand real world problems.

“The cure for democracy’s ills is more democracy”
                                                                   - John Dewey


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Climate Change and Geopolitics

Source – Monocle - 2019 Introduction The fossil fuels that once powered prosperity and innovation across the world are now its greatest threat . The carbon emissions released through the burning of fossil fuels has significantly increased the concentration of heat-capturing greenhouse gases, causing deleterious and indelible changes to the...
Protests in France Unite Left and Right, Urban and Rural

United States

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Balancing the Ticket: Profit-making Versus Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Photograph by Jalfin, IPWatchdog, 2017 The outbreak of the opioid crisis in the United States spelled trouble for OxyContin maker Purdue. Over 2,000 lawsuits accuse the pharmaceutical giant of fueling the opioid epidemic by misleading the public about the addictive potential of its painkillers. In the final week of March...
Formidable or a Formality? Examining the impact of the State of the Union Address
US gob shutdown
The Cost of Impasse: Examining the recent US government shutdown