Name: David Kidd
Major (s): Political Science & Business Marketing
Minor (s): None
Certificate (s): Global Business

My Pathway:

Freshman year:

  • Focused on business coursework to fulfill business degree requirements
  • Took PSCI 2012 to fulfill a credit and became interested in political science
  • Joined Leeds Scholars Program

Sophomore year: 

  • Added a Minor in Political Science
  • Continued taking classes to fulfill degree requirements in Political Science and Leeds

Junior year:

  • Added PSCI as a second major with Business
  • Interned with Michael Bennet in Denver in the Spring
  • Was elected Student Body President of CUSG.

Senior year: 

  • Wrote a PSCI honors thesis on international law
  • Finished up degree requirements for Business & PSCI
  • Served term in CUSG 


  • Accepted into Harvard Law School

Freshman-Sophomore: Worked at his own company gaining experience in business.
Sophomore-Junior: Worked at his own company gaining experience. Took courses to fulfill degree requirements.
Junior-Senior: Took courses to fulfill degree requirements. Began term for CUSG

  • My family is full of small-business owners so I always knew I wanted to do business. Really when I started running my company, I became interested in how business transcends borders and is international, inspiring my focus on international business

  • If you are double majoring in PSCI and Business, meet with advisors immediately because there is very little overlap between the majors, so meet with advisors to create a plan.

  • Declare the degree early and aim high, and then decrease. It is easier to get a minor after working towards a major than it is to get a major after working towards a minor. Frontload your work instead of loading up courses at the end to get out in four years.

  • I really enjoyed being involved in CUSG, especially as a PSCI major. It was incredible experience acting as a political actor and experience politics from that perspective, and also seeing how institutions and legislation works.

  • I was involved in Leeds Scholars Program and the Leeds Consulting Group. I was also a member of the CU Fly Fishing Club.

  • College is a fresh start in a lot of ways from high school, so put into college what you want to get out it. You'll find success if you work hard.