Name: Grady McGinnis
Major (s): Political Science & Economics
Minor (s): None
Certificate (s): None

My Pathway:

Freshman year:

  • Took the intro level PSCI & ECON classes to explore the disciplines and fulfill degree requirements.
  • Worked through core requirements through broad coursework
  • Came in as ECON & English, but dropped English.

Sophomore year: 

  • Added PSCI as a second major.
  • Started taking UD ECON coursework to make progress in the ECON degree requirements. 
  • Started PSCI intro requirements, and kept working on core classes.

Junior year:

  • Continued UD coursework, dedicating the year to nothing but UD classes that fulfilled degree requirements for PSCI or ECON.
  • Was nearly done with ECON & PSCI by the end of the year.

Senior year: 

  • Wrote a PSCI honors thesis.
  • Finished ECON & PSCI requirements, took additional electives.
  • Began applying to jobs as a consultant or lobbyist in DC or for other work on Capital Hill

Freshman-Sophomore: Took summer courses to make progress on degree requirements to get through those faster.
Sophomore-Junior: Studied abroad in Athens, Greece, and cemented the desire to work on the Hill in foreign policy development.
Junior-Senior: Participated in CU in D.C. as a Congressional Intern for Ed Perlmutter.

  • After CU in D.C., and starting my senior year was when I really knew that this is the path I wanted to take. 

  • Spend time working to gain experience through internships within the state of Colorado. D.C. internships are not the only source of political experience, so find local opportunities in Denver, Boulder, or other parts of the state if you can.

  • I would have worked to gain more experience, and tried to get an internship in Denver to make better use of my first summer and senior year. I would have planned my degree audit a bit differently to make time for internships.

  • CU in D.C. was easily the most helpful in preparing me for political work. It gave me an idea of what I wanted to do and helped me gain practical experience outside of the classroom working in D.C. and on the Hill. It gave me a goal to work for when I returned to CO.

  • I am currently the Fundings Director for the College Democrats. I dabbled in the Photography club when I was a freshman, and recently joined Pi Sigma Alpha. I also volunteered for campaigns during election years.

  • Plan things out early and work with advisors to plan out your degree. Find an area of interest and focus on taking classes in that. Then think about the career implications of your coursework and find additional opportunities to build on your class experience. Don't take a class just to take it, make it count!