To apply for a position(s) on student staff, complete the following application and email supporting documents to the appropriate faculty or staff member.  We encourage you to preference three positions on staff as to not limit your placement. No staff position is guaranteed to any applicant.

  • Applications are due by midnight on March 10, 2022
  • Interviews will be held before Spring Break
  • Student staff decisions will be announced no later than March 27
  • Transitions and training will start in April

Program staff positions are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Academic staff positions (CAs) are open only to rising juniors, and rising seniors. The following positions are available for the academic year of 2024-2025. Click on the position you are interested in to read the job description. You will be able to choose which position(s) you apply to as you complete the form.

Catalyst Team - The Executive Team sets the vision for the student staff each year, and facilitates all needed support and innovation to reach the goals set forth.

  • Director of Student Staff - position nominated and selected by professional staff
  • Chief of Staff
  • Donor Relations
  • Board Seats

Community Team - The Community Team coordinates and promotes community focused activities for PLC students.

Community Team Lead - selected by professional staff from members of internal team

CORPS Team - Community Outreach and Recruitment of Prospective Scholars

  • CORPS Team Lead - selected by professional staff from members of external team
  • CORPS Members(1-2)

Change Team - The Experiential Learning Team advances PLC's hands-on learning opportunities through service, mentorship, personal and professional development.

  • Change Team Lead - selected by professional staff from members of experiential team
  • Deep Dive Coordinators (2)
  • Service Coordinators (2)
  • Lead CO mentors

Communication Team - 

  • Communication Team Lead - selected by professional staff from members of experiential team
  • Social Media/PLC Now Content Creator
  • Alumni Liaison/Data
  • Website and Data Project Coordinator

Academic Team - The Academic Team supports and works in close consultation with the PLC's faculty to create and implement the PLC curriculum and nurture student success.

Required Dates, Training, Course for AY 2024-25 (TBD)

Before applying for a position, please make sure you can commit to the following dates and course times.

PRLC 2930 - You will be enrolled in a 3-credit course and student staff meetings (course meetings) are required and held TUESDAYS 8:00-9:15AM

August 21-25: On-campus Training/Work Week (9am-5pm each day; schedules will vary depending on position)
August 23:   Welcome Reception; 5:30pm- 7:30pm
August 19: End of training week debriefing and mission statements  - Kick Ball Tournament @ North Boulder Park
August 25-26: Senior Retreat - Camp Santa Maria
August 26-27: First Year Orientation - Camp Santa Maria
August 28:  First Day of Classes Fall 2024

Some dates may change or have not been confirmed.

Required Online Short Trainings (to be completed prior to fall staff training):

  • CU: Defensive Driving Course (Online Course w/ Expected Duration: 1 hour)
  • CU: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Training - (Online Course w/ Expected Duration: 45 minutes)
  • CU: Discrimination and Harassment Training - (Online Course w/ Expected Duration: 45 minutes)   

Additional Commitments:

Acting as a driver and facilitator for Deep Dives (everyone must become certified to drive a van.)
Attending and working official PLC functions as necessary, e.g. Parents Lecture, Taste of PLC, Spring Huddle, Year End Celebration.

Apply for Student Staff