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Presidents Leadership Class | Where Leaders Emerge 

Ryan with Dare Greatly t-shirt

PLCers are bold.

Joe Pesce lecture

PLCers are thought-provoking.

PLCers volunteering at Buffalo Bicycle Classic

PLCers are passionate.

Orientation pre-bonding photo

PLCers are respectful.

Straw balancing activity at orientation

PLCers are pithy.

Welcome to the Presidents Leadership Class!

PLC is an interdisciplinary, 4-year leadership program that offers an immersive approach to leadership development. Rigorous programming, both academic and experiential, are pursued by a diverse, driven community of undergraduates.

PLC students practice and develop their leadership ability. They find growth and resilience through rigorous programming, and build a lifelong network of peers and mentors from their like-driven community.

PLC students thrive when given a healthy challenge, acknowledge and welcome growth in discomfort, discover and display confidence without arrogance, experience actualization, and perpetually seek inspiration.