West entrance of Norlin Library with a quote on the building that reads, "He who knows only his own generation remains always a child."

PLC is committed to being an inclusive, supportive, diverse, and welcoming leadership program that is accessible to all communities. We seek to create sustainable, positive change and challenge the status quo. We embrace constructive discourse of difference and perspective in order to develop extraordinary leaders capable of tackling the complex issues of the world.

Ropes course during staff training week
Photo in Chile after bus crash
2009 Orientation goofy photo
Sunrise hike at orientation 2021
Steve Dinauer talks to Calwood orientation
Student staff at Calwood orientation
Straw balancing activity at orientation
Ryan with Dare Greatly t-shirt
Bolder Boulder experiential weekend pose
Orientation pre-bonding photo
Orientation group photo
Jumping orientation photo
funny class photo
recitation photo
Alumni experiential weekend
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Joe Pesce lecture
2007 class huddle

PLC Values

Respectful Communication - integrity, honesty, transparency, humility, compassion


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - in representation, recruitment, resources, empathy, recognition of privilege


Resilience - perseveres in the face of adversity, tenacity, welcomes challenge and discomfort, challenges peers with support


Development Orientation - growth mindset, lifelong learning, creativity, innovation, curiosity, reflection, self-awareness, critical analysis, bias towards action


Service for Change - servant leadership, not for personal aggrandizement or acknowledgement

PLC Principles

We interact and communicate with integrity, honesty, transparency, and compassion on and off campus, and throughout all aspects of our lives.


We strive to increase and amplify diversity, inclusivity, and equity for all members and employees of the program, as well as represent diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the resources we use, and the opportunities we offer.


We embrace our own strengths with the humility and recognition of others’ strengths - we strive to know when it is best to lead, and when it is best to follow.


We engage in life-long learning and inquiry, with a growth mindset grounded in critical analysis, with the intention of growing intellectually, culturally, and personally.


We embrace service for societal change as a fundamental characteristic of outstanding leadership and work to emulate great leaders by serving our communities.


We encourage combining creativity, inquiry, reflection, and the natural instinct to take action to provide solutions to complex problems - working towards challenging the status quo.


We develop our resilient approach to adversity and acknowledge that personal and professional growth comes through discomfort and challenge.


Through self-awareness, we recognize our place in the world in relation to others, cultures, and environments.