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Brian Winstanley

Brian Winstanley

Featured Student:

Brian Winstanley

PLC 2014

Written by Jesus Banuelos Rivera - Social Media Coordinator

Brian Winstanley is a big fan of networking and goal setting. Currently, Brian is studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance, with a minor in Leadership Studies. Hoping to use his education in finance as a launching point, Brian hopes to explore the many different types of industries his degree can lead him into. After he graduates this spring, Brian will join Key Banc Capital Markets in Cleveland, Ohio as an investment banker. After realizing that there was no set career pipeline for students interested in investment banking at Leeds School of Business, Brian co-founded the Leeds Banking and Capital Markets Club. He recruits students, particularly underclassmen that don’t know all their career options yet, who are motivated and interested in investment banking. He hopes to get underclassmen interested by inviting them into the community through guest speakers, discussions, career preparation, internships, and more.

Wherever his life takes him, Brian hopes that his career is one where he can meet new people, create genuine connections, and experience the adventures of life. In addition to PLC, being a member of Leeds Scholars as well as being on the Executive Board of Sigma Phi Epsilon has had a profound influence on Brian’s education. Through his work in his fraternity, he has gotten to learn about business, community, and organizational leadership in a high stakes environment. Leeds Scholars has also allowed him the professional opportunities to travel, network, and enhance his professional development. Brian one day hopes to start his own company. In his free time, Brian is an avid skier. He also enjoys reading nonfiction and gains inspiration from his readings. Furthermore, Brian loves traveling having been to Argentina, Indonesia, Jakarta, Singapore, and Barcelona.

PLC has given Brian a community of intelligent and motivated people. Brian prides himself on reaching out to, and meeting at least one person every week. He believes that regardless of major, every PLCer should leverage the PLC network to the best of their abilities. He advises scholars to reach out to people that are doing interesting things, even if what they are doing isn’t necessarily related to their major. He has taken his passion for networking beyond the PLC network and regularly networks with professionals.  One of the biggest experiences that has influenced Brian’s education are the Applied Leadership Experiences. ALE’s pushed for him to find internships, but more importantly, they taught him to set goals and reflect upon them. He believes that many of the internship opportunities that he has had would not have been as meaningful if he had not set goals for himself beforehand. In fact, although he has completed both his lower and upper division ALE, Brian still uses the goal setting framework in many of his more recent internships.

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