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Chambers Giblin

Chambers Giblin

Featured Student:

Chambers Giblin

PLC 2014

Written by Sarah Olson - Social Media Coordinator

Motivated to understand how one turns a passion into a viable and successful business, Chambers Giblin (PLC ’14) is currently conquering his senior year at the Leeds School of Business studying finance and accounting. With this combination, Chambers learns hard skills from his accounting courses and enjoys finance as it incorporates elements from all aspects of running a business and allows him to explore both numbers and creative business thinking. Chambers got firsthand experience in the financial world last summer when he interned at Janus Henderson Investors, working on institutional sales, consulting, marketing and research. His work with Janus helped solidify his interest in asset management and investing. After graduation, he hopes to explore a new city like New York or San Francisco with a career in financial services or entrepreneurship.

Chambers himself is an entrepreneur who founded his own company providing personal photo and video services for nonprofits and weddings. With over six years of experience working as a professional photographer, Chambers has a knack for capturing special events. He photographs all Division One sporting events at the University of Colorado and the weekly events at Bandimere Speedway as a photographer for SRA Photo. When he is not behind the camera, Chambers is heavily involved in Leeds Business School. He is the current President of Leeds Council and has taken the initiative to recalibrate the council towards a common goal of “students enhancing the student experience”. By uniting the group towards a common cause, Chambers has created a collaborative environment for the council that empowers each member to have a voice and act on initiatives of their own. Chambers loves working with authentic, passionate people and has appreciated this aspect of Leeds Council.

Chambers has also found these characteristics in abundance with his PLC peers. He loves the community provided by PLC and describes his fellow students as “some of the most impressive students he has ever met”. The community and the curriculum have been two elements of PLC that Chambers felt were the most impactful on his student experience. He stated that the curriculum was “among the best programming that he has gone through, in terms of leadership and personal development”. His advice to younger students is to “get involved as soon as you can,” this Chambers says will “change how you see the school and your experience”.

Being involved is something that Chambers does only one way: all-in. He is described by his peers as one who has a need to produce results and meet challenges head-on. Whether it is through his photography, his involvement in the business school, or through opportunities for his career, Chambers is adept at capturing each moment.

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