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Allison Howard

Allison Howard

Featured Student:

Allison Howard

PLC 2014

Written by Jesus Banuelos Rivera - Social Media Coordinator

As a strong believer in the impact that energy access can have on the world, PLC senior, Allison Howard (PLC ‘14) is majoring in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Leadership Studies and a Certificate in Renewable and Sustainable Energy in order to provide needed access of renewable engery to developing and rural countries. At CU Boulder, Allison is involved with the Engineering Honors Program, she is a mentor for BOLD, and is a founding member of CU chapter of Phi Sigma Rho. She has spent the last three years working for the Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC) as a program manager for their Sounding Rocket Program. She launched rockets from the Wells Flight Facility in Virginia; their most recent launch in August marked the end of her time there. She currently is conducting research with Professor Allen Nicholson, studying off-grid electricity access for communication systems in Bolivia. Her research will ultimately be used to inform the feasibility of wind and solar electricity to power health posts in rural Bolivia to help save more lives.

Allison first joined PLC to develop her leadership skills and meet new interesting people. She later found that the PLC courses and the diverse perspectives of the PLC students really helped her define her interests in terms of her own field, renewable energy. Furthermore, she said that PLC courses were a welcome reprieve from her extremely technical engineering courses. If she could go back to freshman year, Allison wishes she would have pursued different fields and internships for exposure outside of her field. Allison recommends to PLC freshman that they take advantage of all the opportunities available to them. She also recommends getting to know the professional staff, because they want to make sure everyone is comfortable, involved, and has someone to talk to during rough times. She says PLC may seem like a lot of work, but it's worth it when you get to engage with guest speakers and alumni. Furthermore, she highly recommends the PLC Peer Leadership Connection mentorship program for younger students to build relationships with older students.

Allison enjoys the diverse number of activities available in Boulder and finds it is the perfect place for her to pursue her passions of road biking, hiking 14’ers, and skiing. Her parents are her inspiration, and her life motto of, “Take no s#*t and make no excuses,” comes from her mother.

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