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Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony

Featured Student:

Michael Anthony

PLC 2015

Written by Lena Chavez - Social Media Coordinator

Outstanding Graduate for International Engagement: Spring 2019 - College of Engineering and Applied Science


Michael Anthony (PLC ‘15) prides himself in his attention to people and his willingness to lean into discomfort. This comfort in the unknown has been something Michael has dealt with a few times during his college career. He was initially accepted into PLC before entering college, but decided to attend the University of Denver for his first year. He thought he wanted to go into medicine because it would give him a “people forward” job, but he soon found his true passion in Architectural Engineering and Design. This passion came to him through an internship with the World Trade Center that allowed him connect with architects about building design and the design process. This experience prompted him to change majors and eventually leave the University of Denver.


As a sophomore, Michael transferred to CU and entered into the PLC program. He switched his major to Architectural Engineering and eventually came to focus on Electrical and Lighting System Design with a minor in Environmental Design. He found that this switch from medicine to engineering allowed him to apply math and science in a meaningful way but also gave him the opportunity to think creatively.


In early May, Michael will be graduating from CU and heading to South Africa. While in South Africa, he will be working on a team of other CU students to build a pedestrian bridge through the Engineers in Action program. Michael also traveled with Engineers in Action to build a pedestrian bridge and conduct research in Bolivia last summer. After his time in Africa, he will be returning to CU to complete a Master’s in Business Analytics. He hopes to one day find a career that will combine engineering, design and business.


Michael says he was initially drawn to the PLC program because he had leadership experiences in high school. After looking further into the program, he saw it as an amazing opportunity to cultivate his education in other disciplines and learn from his peers. Michael says “PLC made me aware of how to work in an interdisciplinary capacity. This gave me the ability to know how to communicate the value of my own field of study to people who may not know much about it.” He recalls attending the PLC Senior Sendoff his first year in the program and got the “overwhelming sense of being around like-minded individuals.” He saw that people within PLC were striving to make an impact on the world around them even after leaving the program. He remembers feeling a sense of belonging in the program after this and realizing how this program could help shape his college experience. His biggest piece of advice to a First-Year PLCer would be to use college as a way to get out of your comfort zone. Even as an engineering major, he took elective courses that exposed him to new cultures or ways of thinking.


Outside of PLC, Michael is the Design Committee Chair for Conference on World Affairs (CWA). He says that his involvement with CWA has allowed him to connect with the greater Boulder community and provide opportunities for the general Boulder population to connect with the student population at CU. He is also President of the Illumination Engineering Society, a group that combines the ideas of art and engineering with lighting design. He will be traveling with that organization to a conference in Santa Barbara later this summer. He is also a member of the Engineering Honors Program. Outside of academics, Michael enjoys trail running, doing yoga and making art!

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