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Elise Collins

Elise Collins

Featured Student:

Elise Collins

PLC 2014

Written by Sarah Olson - Social Media Coordinator

A deep appreciation for human complexity characterizes PLC senior (’14), Elise Collins. She finds joy in the depth of others and pursues this passion working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance. As a theatre student, Elise finds the humanity in each character, “even if they seem unsavory.” She views theatre as the purest form of empathy because in order to play a role, she must understand the character - all of their feelings, thoughts, and their physicality. Elise loves how this process allows her to experience “lives” she wouldn’t otherwise and enables the audience to empathize with characters, thus deepening their understanding of humanity through the stories of others.

Elise hopes to continue telling these stories as a professional performer and to eventually create her own theatre company. She believes in the use of theatre to create social change and is inspired to use her theatre company to tell the stories of women. Growing up, Elise was empowered through stories about successful women and those that overcame adversity. With today’s political climate and attitudes toward women, Elise feels that it is, “important that their voices are heard for both the audience and those telling the stories.” Currently, Elise is devising a theatre piece with other artists featuring women from a variety of races, classes, abilities, professions, and religions that were change agents in their fields. She applied for and received a grant to tell the stories of these successful, underrepresented cis and trans women throughout history.

Tackling complex problems is something that Elise does not shy away from and she feels that her coursework with PLC gave her the skillset to do so. Multilevel Issues in Leadership was one of her favorite classes at CU as she was able to address a large issue from many angles in a short period of time. Self-confidence, improved quality of work, and a higher level of thinking were all takeaways that Elise had from the course. Professor, Dr. Thieman-Dino, helped her, “think about the world in different ways.” Elise’s recommendation to fellow students in PLC is to, “get to know your professors. If you are in a leadership position or have an issue you are trying to address, they can help you find a better way to approach it.”

Elise has found tremendous value in listening. Her eyes are always open to “human goodness”; in each smile, opening a door, and in truly listen to another person. If you spend enough time with Elise, you might hear her start speaking Shakespeare, join her salsa dancing at Avalon, or even get to try her legendary pancakes.

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