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Elsa Roeber

Elsa Roeber

Featured Student:

Elsa Roeber

PLC 2016 - TAM

Written by: Liz Lajoie- Social Media Coordinator

This year, Elsa Roeber will be wrapping up a major in Technology, Arts & Media (TAM) as well as her Leadership Studies Minor with PLC. She was drawn to TAM by the interdisciplinary nature of the program, which allows her to build technical skills while still being able to exercise her creativity. In conjunction with her studies, Elsa has been involved with the CUTeach program for STEM education. Through CUTeach, Elsa has had the opportunity to expand her knowledge of education through the guidance of incredible teachers, which she hopes to use in combining her two fields - becoming a high school math or computer science teacher in the future.

As a child, she loved to figure out how things worked, which drew her to the engineering field. With the TAM major, she was able to marry her love for taking things apart with her love of being creative. Last spring, Elsa was able to participate in the AVID tutoring program, which she believes is the most impactful thing she’s done in her time at CU. She was placed in an 11th grade supplemental math classroom that she visited weekly, not only teaching math but also showing students that they could be successful in math. Additionally, she does improv comedy through CU’s Left Right Tim.

Elsa was raised in Duluth, Minnesota, where she lived next to a 400-acre forest before moving to Colorado in 2007. Because of being raised with such access to the outdoors, Elsa developed a love for being outside which continues to this day through her climbing, running and skiing. After graduating, Elsa plans on taking a gap year to work, teach ski lessons and perhaps travel abroad. Eventually, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Secondary Math Education, as well as a teaching license. PLC is lucky to have you, and we wish you the best of luck, Elsa!

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