Trevor Bonner

Trevor Bonner

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Trevor Bonner

PLC 2015

Written by Jenna Brethauer - Social Media Coordinator

“Success” to Trevor Bonner is the ability to put a smile on peoples’ faces. Despite whether he knows them or not, getting a genuine smile from somebody gives Trevor a sense of fulfillment - very fitting for this aspiring orthodontist. Trevor is a dedicated student, a talented musician, and an incredible addition to the PLC community. Trevor is senior pursuing degrees in both Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Biochemistry as well as having finished his Minor in Leadership Studies through PLC. In the future, Trevor hopes to go on to dental school and then pursue orthodontics as a career. This kind of academic path undoubtedly takes a dedicated student and Trevor takes pride in his strong work ethic. He draws inspiration for his dedicated studies from his father, who taught him by example while he was growing up. Originally, his family is from Vancouver, Canada but they made the move to Colorado when Trevor was young. He loves that his family is Canadian for many reasons but especially because they get to celebrate both Canadian and American Thanksgiving. Outside of school, Trevor enjoys outdoor pursuits such as frisbee, hiking, and mountain biking.


When he was a senior in high school Trevor came to the Taste of PLC event and really liked what the program had to offer. When he was applying to schools he was primarily applying to small schools, out-of-state, for the small community and focus on academics. He found that PLC fulfilled his need for an academic community and has come to know his peers as motivated and supportive. Because PLC helped CU feel like a smaller campus Trevor decided to pursue his academic goals at Boulder. Trevor believes that PLC has helped him to connect with his peers and engage outside of his major. He says that, “PLC expands your perspectives and makes you think about other things in the world.” He advises freshmen to not be afraid of shifting paths in your education and to build community outside of PLC too.


Trevor has also found community, mentorship, and fulfillment in the CU Marching Band. As a fourth-year member he is adamant that it shaped not only his experience at CU but his work ethic as well and his connections with people. He says, “My family and friends are my pride.”  He shows this through his dedication to the communities in which he is involved. In the fall, marching band training and performances take twenty hours per week plus the hours committed to the leadership roles. His love for the community paired with his passion for music makes the marching band the highlight of his career at CU Boulder. In-fact, Trevor’s favorite thing about Boulder is the memories of playing the instrument he loves on Farrand Field with his peers that understand and support him.

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