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Sean Jones

Sean Jones

Featured Student:

Sean Jones

PLC 2016 - Finance & Strategy, Entrepreneurship

Written by: Liz Lajoie- Social Media Coordinator

Sean Jones is a PLC senior with majors in Finance and Strategy & Entrepreneurship, minors in Leadership Studies  and Asian Studies, and a Global Business Certificate. Sean hopes to pursue international corporate finance in Asia, but currently does not have a set destination or plan. His long-standing interests in China and entrepreneurship led him to these majors, but his Finance major came after taking introductory courses in the business school. 

Although Sean always dreamed of cheering on the Buffs in Folsom Field, he was torn between coming to CU or going to the University of Denver. His acceptance into PLC tipped the scale and helped Sean make what he considers “the best decision of his life.” Sean was drawn to PLC and CU’s opportunities for students, which was something he took advantage of from the very start of his college career.

Sean believes his greatest contribution to CU Boulder was co-founding Buffs Going Bananas. This iconic, spirit-based student organization all started out as a joke between Sean and his roommate. “The Bananas,” as most people refer to them, have become an integral part of CU Game Day culture. Many of the Banana’s founding members were PLCers, which Sean says is a testament to the motivated and fun loving vibe of PLC.

Within his time in PLC, Sean reflects fondly on the PLC Global trip to Chile and Argentina. He not only had an incredible time studying global leadership, but also bonding with PLCers across cohorts. Additionally, Sean loved wearing banana suits to first-year lecture with fellow PLCers. He says, “You have to take advantage of the no dress code days.” Presidents Leadership Class has been lucky to have Sean these last few years. Thank you for your contributions to our program and the greater CU community. 

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