PLC has two mentoring programs for students to explore as they navigate their journey in PLC and CU Boulder: PLC2, where first-year students are paired with upperclassmen PLCers, and the Alumni Mentor Program, which pairs current PLCers with PLC alumni. Many benefits such as academic/professional advice, professional networking, increased confidence, exposure to professional settings, and the receiving of steadfast encouragement have been reported from students who have made connections through these mentorship programs.

PLC Mentoring Programs Coordinators 2022-23

PLC Mentor Programs

  • PLC Peer Leadership Connection - PLC2
    • First-Year PLC students are required to have a PLC peer mentor.
    • Students are carefully matched to upperclassmen PLCers by the Mentor Program Coordinators
    • Upperclassmen (second, third, and fourth-year PLC students) are encouraged to be peer mentors in the PLC2 program
  • PLC Alumni Mentor Program
    • PLC students browse the Alumni Mentor profiles and initiate contact with potential mentors