PLC has three different mentoring programs for students to explore as they navigate their journey in PLC and CU Boulder. Each of these initiatives is based on student desire for a mentor and their actions to seek one out through mulitple channels and connections. A mentoring relationship is not required for students during their time in PLC, however many benefits such as academic/professional advice, professional networking, increased confidence, exposure to professional settings, and the receiving of steadfast encouragement have been reported from students who have made connections.

PLC Mentoring Programs Coordinators 2020-21

PLC Mentor Programs


  • PLC Peer Leadership Connection - PLC2
    • First-Year PLC students are required to have a PLC peer mentor.
    • Students are carefully matched to upperclassmen PLCers by the Mentor Program Coordinators
    • Junior and Senior (or third/fourth year PLC students) are encouraged and can volunteer to be peer mentors in the PLC2 program
  • PLC Alumni Mentor Program
    • PLC students browse the Alumni Mentor profiles and initiate contact with potential mentors
  • CLA Executive Mentor Program
    • PLC students contact/are contacted by professional staff and referred to the CLA for matching to a Denver area professional