The PLC alumni have always been very proud and dedicated to the current PLC program, its history, and its future.  Class members from all four decades engage with the program through selection interviews, class lectures, guest seminars, PLC special events, hosting an experiential weekend overnight, giving donations, networking with students, providing internship and job connections, and serving on the Board of Advocates.  Now, through the PLC Alumni Club, the alumni are more engaged than ever.

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Abby Robertson and family

Abby Robertson (Mulliken) and family- PLC 1997

Featured Alumna

Abby Robertson

Senior Brand Development Manager - Barefoot Wine/E.J. Gallo

Written by Sarah Olson - Social Media Coordinator

With her motto, “Happy people do great things,” PLC alumna, Abby Robertson (PLC ‘97), has always been one to find the fun in all that she does. Her career at E.&J. Gallo Winery has consisted of six different jobs before her current position as Barefoot Wine’s Senior Brand Development Manager in the Western half of the U.S. Through her various jobs, Abby has never given herself a chance to get bored at work. She has taken advantage of her diverse skillset and has sought out opportunities to spread her wings and try new things. It was the company culture that encouraged growing a career and pairing it with a fun atmosphere that made Gallo a great match for Abby. She has never backed down from a challenge and it shows through how she has been the champion of her own career path. In corporate America, you not only need to show that you are capable, you need to be comfortable asking for opportunities. Abby has exceled in both areas proving herself to be a competent and charismatic leader in the workplace.

As the Senior Brand Development Manager, Abby has about twenty-five people that report to her. With her responsibilities ranging from managing her team and organizing events to marketing the Barefoot Wine brand, Abby’s days are full of novel challenges to conquer. There is no typical day for Abby, but she approaches her work in a consistent manner by staying rooted in her core values. For the company as a whole, Abby states that the most important part of managing a growing brand like Barefoot (which has expanded from a small brand to the largest winery brand in the world in the last decade) is staying “rooted in your core values and culture”. By always having a distinct set of values that the company adheres to, she can grow and evolve successfully. These core values provide a road map for her to, “hire the right people that embody them, and have products that embody them.”

Abby is no stranger to surrounding herself with people that embody her core values. Reflecting on her time in PLC, Abby remembers her freshman year recitations that provided a small group of people that she could feel comfortable having real, honest conversations with. Abby was a part of PLC when it was two-year program, but she stayed involved throughout her time at the university as a First-Year Class Advisor and the Communications Director on Student Staff. Her First-Year Class Advisor, Nathan Gregory, inspired Abby to become one herself and her own students continued to provide inspiration for her. One of her students made such an impact on Abby that she names the student as one of her role models amongst others such as her parents and her husband’s journalist grandmother who was a feminist of her time that interviewed many First Ladies of the United States.

By getting involved in PLC, being the president of the student government at the business school, and the Community Service Chair of Kappa Alpha Theta, Abby made the most of her time at the University of Colorado Boulder. Even with all of these roles, Abby maintained a balance, living her motto of “happy people do great things.”  Abby enjoyed the great outdoors, pursuing her passions of fly fishing, skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. Her advice to freshmen is to, “Get involved. Get out of your dorm. Do things that make you happy and don’t take life too seriously.” As a woman who “gets it all done somehow,” Abby approaches each day with her family and work knowing that attitude is a choice and nothing can bring you down unless you let it.

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