The Legacy Lives On

The PLC alumni have always been very proud and dedicated to the current PLC program, its history, and its future. Class members from all four decades engage with the program through selection interviews, class lectures, guest seminars, PLC special events, hosting experiential weekend overnights, giving donations, networking with students, providing internship and job connections, and serving on the Board of Advocates. Now, through the PLC Alumni Club, the alumni are more engaged than ever.

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David Davenport

David Davenport

Featured Alumnus

David Davenport

IT Consulting - CoBank

Written by Lena Chavez - Social Media Coordinator

David finds himself inspired by interactions with his coworkers and fellow PLCers. He sees that he is around the right people that drive him to work harder and do more each day.


David Davenport (PLC ‘93) is known amongst his colleagues as someone who can help bridge the gap between the technical and the business oriented. He sees that these two sectors tend to not speak the “same language” and he is able to provide a combined understanding. He worked at IBM doing reporting and analytics for about 19 years before switching jobs. David now works in IT at CoBank, a company that provides financial services to rural agro-businesses in Colorado. He says his work at CoBank has allowed him to focus on the population of people he provides service for and assist rural business owners in being successful. During his time at CoBank, he has found opportunities to be a point of guidance for his coworkers and practice leadership in a professional setting.


During his time at CU, David studied Computer Science. He enjoyed being very involved in the College of Engineering and participated in the BOLD program which provides academic resources and leadership opportunities to underrepresented groups in engineering. The BOLD program gave David chances to practice leadership from an engineering perspective. He also participated in the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and found many of his mentors and good friends through that organization.


David says that the PLC program gave him “a diversity of experience.” It allowed him to branch out of engineering and connect with his peers who were involved in various majors. The program allowed him to practice diverse thought and look at problems that were different from those in engineering. David says that PLC has allowed him to stay connected with a wide range of people and he enjoys seeing the success of his peers. His biggest piece of advice for a First-Year PLCer is “Take advantage of all the opportunities that come along -- participate!” He urges students to ask questions, talk to people you wouldn’t normally get to meet, and interact with one another with an open mind. He says that the program is designed to be diverse and intellectually challenging and there is value in listening to new perspectives. He says that the program taught him think externally of his own experience and consider how his actions will impact others.

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