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Katie Larson

Katie Larson - PLC 2001

Featured Alumna

Katie Larson (2001)


Written by Lena Chavez - Social Media Coordinator

Katie Larson (PLC 2001) is known amongst her colleagues for being an empath with an ability to be emotionally vulnerable and open with others. She is described by her friends as being tremendously social and outgoing. Her passion for relationships and people shows through in her career. Katie works full-time running a private practice for couples’ therapy and counseling. When asked about a typical work day, she stated, “Each day I have the incredible honor of sitting with couples, for an hour at a time, and diving into their deepest, scariest, hardest moments together.” She says she sees that couples want to connect with one another, so she facilitates that connection. She shares that she cries along with them sometimes and helps them to understand the power behind being open and vulnerable.

Katie said finding her way to her job took some trial and error. She always had an idea of going into a job where she would help people and work in the mental health field. She found herself feeling overwhelmed by the different paths she could take within her college major. After graduating, she ended up moving to New York with other PLCers thinking that she may want to create art as a career - making and selling her own jewelry. Katie eventually returned to school for a master’s degree in art therapy where she experienced a moment of professional clarity during a lecture on attachment theory. She described learning about an example of the theory that featured couples’ therapy and she knew that was her field.

Katie explained that her time in PLC was very formative and the reason she is a more well-rounded person today. She discussed learning about white privilege and other social justice topics to which she had not previously been exposed- allowing her to have a broader perspective about the people around her and their diverse experiences. She says PLC also gave her a stable community of friends to rely on during college. She also finds herself appreciating and using the leadership concepts in her work life. Additionally, Katie is still close with her friends from PLC and is thankful the program gave her the chance to meet them. She encourages new PLCers to stress less about their assignments and coursework and understand the value in the relationships they will form with each other. She says the relationships are what will benefit students for the rest of their lives. Reflecting on her time in PLC, Katie shared how being able to participate in the community shaped how she viewed the world. This influence allowed her to go forth and forge her own path in life. Although it took time to find the right career path, she found her passion through her determination and resiliency.

Katie currently lives with her family in Palisade, Colorado. She has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys activities like biking, hiking and yoga. When asked about what inspires her, she says she is deeply inspired by the #MeToo movement and the strength of the women who have come forward to share their stories.

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