PLC offers many scholarships to fully participating students over the course of your undergraduate career.  After the first year and your one-time $1000 merit scholarship, you have the opportunity to apply or be nominated for a number of scholarships that can substantially help fund your undergraduate education.  Below is a list of available scholarships primary to PLC students. All PLC allocated scholarships are dispersed through the Office of Financial Aid, and are calculated directly against the cost of tuition.

Due dates for scholarships are consistent across academic years and all PLC scholarships are found on the CU Scholarship portal through MyCUInfo.

  • Enrichment for the following Academic Year: opens Oct 1 - Closes March 1
  • Enrichment for Maymester or fall of next academic year: Opens Feb 1 - Due March 1
  • Flanagan, Hoelscher Memorial: Opens Oct 1 - Due March 1

PLC Enrichment Fund scholarships are awarded to PLC students based on merit and project-based needs.  Rising sophomores, current sophomores, current juniors, and first-semester seniors can apply for funding every semester (fall and spring).  

Students can apply for a maximum of $1000 per semester.  Enrichment funding amounts and numbers awarded vary by available resources and the number of applications received. Awards cannot be allocated as cash/check, nor distributed during the summer except for Maymester and Summer Term tuition purposes.

The PLC Enrichment Fund scholarships are awarded to PLC students based on merit, situational, and financial needs. 

Awards are granted based on the criteria listed below:

  • Quality and effort of application.
  • Good academic and program standing (> 3.0 GPA and active program participation)
  • Demonstrated commitment to and continuous involvement in the PLC program and community.
  • Opportunity fulfills requirements for PLC
  • Amount available in fund and number of requests made.

Application Due Dates:

  • Fall Application - December 1
  • Spring Application - MARCH 1

PLC students apply for PLC Enrichment Fund Scholarships here:

PLC Enrichment Fund Scholarship

Alvin G. Flanagan, co-founder of the Presidents Leadership Class and one-time President of Gannett Broadcasting, was deeply committed to creating leadership education opportunities for bright students. Mr. Flanagan’s friends and colleagues created the Alvin G. Flanagan Scholarship Endowment in 1982 to honor him for his 45-year career in broadcasting, by supporting “worthy and academically promising students.” Flanagan scholarships are awarded to select CU students.  Additional consideration is given to students who are members of the Presidents Leadership Class and who have career aspirations in communications, media, information and journalism.   Cecil Walker is the custodian of this scholarship and awards scholarships on behalf of his long-time colleague.

Cecil Walker, retired Chairman and CEO of Gannett Broadcasting, was instrumental in establishing the scholarship fund to honor Alvin G. Flanagan, his predecessor at Gannett Broadcasting. A long-time friend of the University of Colorado, Mr. Walker was an officer of KUSA-Channel 9 in Denver, a Gannett station, until 1984. Mr. Walker also served as a trustee for the Presidents Leadership Class. His two sons, Robert Walker and Richard Walker, and daughter-in-law, Karen Harty Walker, are graduates of the University of Colorado. In 1995, the Walker family established a scholarship fund as a personal commitment to expand educational opportunities for promising students at the University of Colorado.  Additional consideration is given to students who are members of the Presidents Leadership Class and students in the Leeds College of Business.

Every spring, the Walker family interviews approximately 30 Leeds, CMCI, and PLC students for scholarships from both the Walker Family Fund and the Alvin G. Flanagan Fund.  These scholarships are awarded to students with a strong academic record, extensive campus and program involvement, and demonstrated leadership.  Financial need is also considered though the awards are primarily merit based. Scholarships range from $500 - $3,500, and are allocated in the following academic school year.

Applications Open: Feb 1 : Application Due Date:  April 1 : Interview Dates: TBD - Friday in April

PLC students apply for the Alvin G. Flanagan and Walker Family Scholarship on the Academic Works portal, accessed through the MyCUInfo portal -> Apply For Scholarships.

The Hoelscher Memorial scholarship is an annual award of $2,000, to either a junior or senior PLC student who exemplifies the love of life, learning, and adventure of the late PLC Alumus, Michael Hoelscher.  The Hoelscher family connects with each recipient and gifts them the book made in Michael’s honor, For the Love of Mike.  

This $2000 annual scholarship was created with private gifts from the Hoelscher family and friends to assist a student of the Presidents Leadership Class in his/her junior or senior year.  This student must have a minimum sophomore or junior G.P.A. of 3.5, and shares the following qualities of PLC alumnus Michael Lee Hoelscher (1969-1997):

  • Commitment to academic excellence
  • Commitment and engagement in extracurricular activities
  • A constant quest for learning
  • A demonstrable concern for people
  • Diversity of experience at the university and in extracurricular activities
  • Goal-oriented with a dedication toward achievement
  • Financial need (considered but not required)

Applications Open: Feb 1 : Application Due Date:  April 1

PLC students apply for Michael Hoelscher Memorial Scholarship on the Academic Works portal, accessed through the MyCUInfo portal -> Apply For Scholarships.

Incoming students will receive $1000 ($500/semester).  This merit scholarship is based on student enrollment in PRLC 1810 and PRLC 1820. Students have to maintain a full course load (12 credits or more) and a minimum GPA of 3.0.  If any of these specifications are not fulfilled, the scholarship will be reversed.

Each year the scholarship committee at FirstBank selects five Colorado resident students, primarily business majors, to award $3,500/year for four years, for a total of $14,000. Two awards are based on merit alone, while three awards are based on merit and financial need. All recipients must be Colorado residents and members of PLC upon initial selection.  

Students do not submit an additional application for this scholarship.

Each year, three positions on the PLC student staff will be named Voss Scholars and recognized for their year-long commitment to connecting PLC students with the broader Colorado community and directly contributing to programming excellence through experiential education: Service Initiative Coordinators, Mentor Programs Coordinators.

The Leo Hill Endowment will scholarship the Deep Dive Coordinators on the PLC student staff for a given academic year. These positions are applied for through the PLC Student Fellow application process.  These two students work hard to garner high levels of inclusivity for our students.

PLC Alumnus Tim Pestotnik awards two PLC students with high demonstrated financial need. There is no application for this scholarship, however, a needs analysis is done through the Office of Financial Aid to verify high and/or moderate financial need, and students are nominated based on that report.  Two students are awarded $2500 each, for one year.  

Students do not submit an application for this scholarship.

This scholarship is made possible by many members of the Ruyle family. Mr. Robert Ruyle was an original trustee of the program. His son Stephen and daughter Robin were then members of the program. The legacy continued with Drs. Stephanie and Stephen's children, Bridger and Remington. The family decided to provide undergraduate scholarship awards for Presidents Leadership Class students at CU Boulder who are in good standing in both academics and program participation.

Students do not submit an application for this scholarship.

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