PLC students strengthen their communities through a commitment to service. We believe acting with humility and kindness drives positive change and inspires empathetic, compassionate leadership.

Service Coordinators 2020-21

Service Partners 2020-21

  • Active Minds - CU chapter (in-person and remote)
  • Empower Community High School - Aurora, Colorado (in-person and remote)
  • Cultivate - Volunteering to complete services for others - SIGN UP HERE

PLC Requirement

Each PLC scholar must provide 10 hours of service each year in the program, totalling 40 hours of meaningful, philanthropic service. There is no schedule by which the hours need to be completed - You can spread them out over the course of the academic year, or do them all at one event if needed.

  • Volunteer with one of PLC's service partners - Active Minds, Empower Community High School, Cultivate
  • Volunteer for our PLC Day of Service with Empower - September 19 @ Empower
  • Volunteer at an official PLC event (orientation, interviews, etc.)
  • Volunteer with another group on campus, in Boulder, in the Denver Metro area (in-person or virtually)

You must provide proof of your service to have it counted toward the requirement (signed off hours by supervisor).

Please download the form linked here, fill it out, get it signed by a supervisor, and submit via the MyPLC app.