Applying to PLC

The application and selection process, here at PLC, is guided by our desire to gain a full understanding of the leadership talents and abilities and potential that you already possess. Therefore, we want you to submit the strongest application possible. Please read through all of the directions on this page as well as looking at the pages, What We Look For, and Scholar Selection, to get a good idea of how your PLC application will get processed. Our deadline of January 15th is a hard deadline and late or partial applications will not be accepted (you will be notified if there is an application extension).

Should you have any questions or concerns about the application or if you need more information, please contact one of the Recruitment & Selection student staff members, Jake McGrath , Kendal Sego, Kevin Vick, Sama Kareem, or Joris Alawoe.

  1. Find out if PLC is right for you and if you are right for PLC. Do your program research! Read the 2019-20 program flyer and Sample Syllabus to get a good idea.
  2. You will have access to your CU Boulder Scholarship General Application and the PLC application after submitted your admissions application to CU Boulder and submit a "Request Access to Scholarships Application" Form.
  3. You will then receive one email that will assign a nine-digit student ID number. You will also get an email to help activate your Identikey with your new student ID number. You will be assigned a username (Identikey) and a password for your MyCUInfo portal (this is very important). Keep this information in a safe, secure place.
  4. Within that portal, find the Financial Aid section -> then find Scholarships and start the application process in AcademicWorks with the General Scholarship Application:
  • Fill out all biographical and background information fields
  • Extra Curricular Activities/Clubs/Teams - Limited to 5 entries (choose those that best represent you as a person and your passions in academics and beyond)
  • Service - Limited to 5 entries (choose the 5 that best represent your dedication to a larger purpose outside of yourself)
  • Honors & Awards - Limited to 5 entries (choose the most recent and the ones you are most proud of, combine like awards)
  • Work Experience/Military Experience - Limited to 5 entries (please list most recent work experience first)
  1. Sign and Update the General Application to move on to the Presidents Leadership Class application.
  2. Click on the green arrow on your application to get to the Presidents Leadership Class application (if it is not an option on the screen, search under Our Opportunities; keyword - PLC)

To Complete your PLC Application:

  • Answer all three short-answer essay questions
  • Provide the email address of your high school counselor for a high school profile and an assessment of the program rigor you pursued while attending. (Check your spelling of the email address!)
  • Provide the email address of a teacher/coach/supervisor/mentor for an online recommendation. (Check your spelling of the email address!)
  • Please notify your references that you will be requesting their recommendations - remind them often as well.
  • Please provide an url address (youtube, issuu, your own blog or website) for an achievement of which you are most proud (speech, dance routine, photo portfolio, creative writing, poetry, podcast, horseback riding competition, robotics competition schematic, etc.). If you do not already have a digital platform or portfolio on which to showcase your work, please use the free issuu subscription. Do not submit a research paper. You should include a page/comment to explain your accomplishment if it is not obvious.
  • Save and update your application (it will remain in the 'Drafted' section) up until the due date of January 15th.
  • You will receive a reminder email to complete and submit your application.
  • We will access your official high school transcript through the CU Boulder Office of Admissions. Please do not send an additional copy.


Approximately 150 in-state and 25 out-of-state students will be invited to PLC Interviews. If you are invited, PLC Interviews will take place on CU Boulder campus, in Denver at the Boettcher Foundation office, in Colorado Springs at El Pomar's Penrose House, and in Grand Junction (location and need TBD). You will schedule these in early February with a link sent from the program.

In-State Interviews

University of Colorado Boulder - University Memorial Center (UMC)

  • Feb. 18
  • Feb. 27
  • March 10

Denver - Boettcher Foundation

  • Feb 24
  • March 2

Colorado Springs - El Pomar Penrose House

  • March 5 & 6

Grand Junction - Location and date TBD


Out-of-State Interviews and/or In-State who will be traveling

Via HireVue
Inteview window - Feb-March TBD