The Presidents Leadership Class does not seek out one specific student profile in our applicants.  We value that each student in the program differs in their approach to leadership issues, style of leadership, academic interests, extracurricular passions, and most importantly, character. You thrive on your differences, and through them, exhibit your very own leadership, academic, and community building strengths. Our selection process is neither solely based on GPAs and test scores, nor is it based on charisma, showmanship, or high school leadership titles. Rather, we look for students who are:

  • Willing to be challenged, be uncomfortable, face adversity, and grow through experiences - personally, academically, and professionally
  • Dedicated to the building and shaping of their own leadership style
  • Ready to challenge themselves and their peers to innovate, lead, and make an impact on their community
  • Genuinely dedicated to participating and contributing to our program as a part of their experience at the University of Colorado Boulder

Below are important variables that we consider, among others, when evaluating the written applications:

1. Academic Ability - We want to make sure you are able to handle the rigor of our program and that we are not setting you up to do poorly in our academic requirements.  Your GPA and test scores will help us determine your academic strength. These numbers neither make nor break your chances, however, they will be considered in our review process.

2. Writing Skills - Our program is writing intensive.  You do not have to be a great writer upon applying for the program, but good writing skills and apt usage of college-level vocabulary and grammar is preferred.  The PLC program will turn you into a capable and effective writer if you are willing to put hard work into the process.

3. Diversity - PLC is a community celebrating diversity as its greatest asset. We are an inclusive and supportive leadership program, accessible to any student seeking to create sustainable change and challenging the status quo. We embrace constructive debate of difference and perspective in order to build extraordinary leaders of character capable of tackling complex social issues.

4. Depth of Involvement in Interests - We look for evidence of your commitment to the interests that you have made a priority in your life. We want students who contribute to their chosen activities through increased, continued participation and longevity of membership.

Below is a list of other factors we consider in our application review and interview stages:

  • Do you challenge yourself intellectually?  Do you take advanced classes and/or pursue a wide variety of academic disciplines? 
  • Do you understand good leadership?  
  • Have you started to develop your own leadership style? 
  • Are you committed to a purpose outside of your own self-interest?
  • Do you make a unique and/or significant contribution to your community?  
  • Do you have the potential to make a distinctive addition to the PLC community and the larger community of The University of Colorado Boulder?