We receive over 500 applications for 35-40 seats in each incoming class through the CU Scholarship web-based scholarship application.  Below is the process by which we receive, review, and select the scholars that join the PLC.

Application Submission and Review Process

  • Your PLC application is due on February 15th
  • Your application is then read and assessed by at least three readers and scored based on the PLC-specific selection criteria, academic performance, essay quality and content, and reference recommendations.
  • All of the scores and comments are reviewed to select approximately 150 in-state and 25 out-of-state candidates for selection interviews.
  • You will be notified by email about your interview status  - you will either be invited to move on to the panel interview round or not.


  • We will conduct both in-person and Zoom panel interviews.
  • We expect you to plan for these interview dates ahead of time in terms of getting excused from school and prepping for your interview.
  • While every interview is different, panelists will typically reference your application, observations about your life experiences, your goals for the future, how you believe you will benefit from participation in PLC, and what you think you will bring to PLC's community and contemporary public affairs issues.

 Selection and Notification

  • By April 1st you will be notified by email as to whether or not you have been selected as a PLC student. Each year's class of 40 students typically includes 25-35 Colorado residents, 5-8 non-residents, and 2 international students. A pool of alternates is also established from which we select applicants if openings occur.
  • If you have been invited to join PLC you must reply to the PLC office by May 1st with your intent to either participate or not, in PLC the following school year.
  • If PLC does not hear from you by midnight on May 1, your seat in the class will be vacated and offered to an alternate.