Below are links to resource materials that can assist you in exploring various topics and skills. Click on the link of the document title or program to access more information.

General OIEC Resources

Overview of the Obligation to Report to OIEC

The Differences Between OIEC, OVA, & RSS - 3 unique campus services

Classroom, Workplace, and Communication Resources

Establishing Course Expectations and Managing Classroom Dynamics Guide

Guidelines for Ethical Communication

Core Human Values for the Workplace

Ombuzz - blog on conflict and communication

General Guidelines for Addressing Problems that Arise with Students

How to listen - really listen - to someone you don't agree with

How to Have More Inclusive Meetings Over Zoom

How to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

How to Disagree Without Fighting

This Remarkable Habit Will Change How You See "Benefit of Doubt"

Bystander Intervention and Allyship Skills

Bystander Intervention Strategies - What Action Can Look Like

How to Be an Active Bystander When You See Casual Racism

How anti-racist allies can respond to microaggressions

Calling People In - Skills for Responding to Problematic Comments

Mitigating Bias and Microaggressions Resources

Reference Materials for Understanding Unconscious Bias

Practices that Can Minimize Unconscious Bias

Bias Interrupter Tools for Organizations

Three Biases That Affect How We Communicate

Responding to microaggressions and bias

Healthy Relationships and Sexual Consent 

The Difference Between Healthy, Unhealthy, and an Abusive Relationship

Healthy Relationships Quiz

Drinking and Sex: Tricky Questions (and surprising answers)

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Sexual Assault

7 Things to Know About Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Understanding Sexual Assault Perpetration and Alcohol

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Stalking

Other CU Resources

CU Libraries Antiracism Resource List

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) curates a collection of tips and resources to navigate common teaching challenges.

The Center for Inclusion and Social Change has a resources page that includes a wide range of information to support learning and community engagement. 

The Ombuds Office facilitates a "lunch and learn" series and they also offer a range of support for resolving conflict.

Health and Wellness Services offers a variety of presentations and programming on topics such as stress relief, relationship wellness, sexual health, student resilience, supporting survivors, and more that faculty and staff can request to support their students' holistic well-being.

Human Resources provides a variety of programs for employee learning, career development, and organizational development.