ImigBy Emily Heninger

At CU Boulder, the future of music education is bright.

The successful completion of the music+ campaign within CU Boulder’s College of Music illustrates the commitment of the campus and community to music education and the performing arts. With $50.5 million raised from over 11,000 gifts—alongside $52 million in capital funds from the campus—the college is celebrating the generosity of its supporters and continuing to build one of the premier public music programs in the country.

The music+ campaign, which began in 2014 and was publicly launched in 2017, was designed to support the people, programs and initiatives of the college. Campaign donations directly funded student scholarships (see below), community outreach, faculty research and program development.

The campaign ran in parallel with the expansion of the Imig Music Building, which the CU Boulder campus helped fund with $52 million in capital support. The 64,000-square-foot addition to the building opened in the fall of 2020 and features new spaces for performances, rehearsals and teaching.

All told, the campus and community supporters contributed over $100 million to support music education and outreach in Colorado.

“The level of support and engagement throughout the music+ campaign speaks volumes about the value of music and the arts to our campus and in the world,” said John Davis, dean of the College of Music. “Despite the significant challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our community rose to the occasion to continue supporting diverse students, faculty, programs and key initiatives in the college as part of our mission to create an interdisciplinary, inclusive educational experience. I’m incredibly grateful to all involved with this transformational campaign toward developing what I call the universal musician.”

Within the College of Music, 75% of students receive scholarship support or financial aid. Contributions to the music+ campaign have played a key role in bolstering that support and ensuring students have the resources they need to be successful. Since the start of the campaign in 2014, over $23.7 million has been awarded in donor- and university-funded music scholarships.

Campaign donations also supported the expansion of degree and certificate options in seven new areas: musical theatre, technology and media, vocal coaching, orchestra performance, arts administration, music theory and singing health.

“The College of Music continues to demonstrate innovation and excellence throughout its educational programming and performances, ensuring music and the performing arts stay relevant and accessible to all,” said CU Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano. “The generous support of the CU Boulder music community through the music+ campaign will allow the college to continue to support world-class experiences and positively impact humanity for generations to come.”

What our students are saying about the impact of music+ scholarship support:

Yuna LangehennigYuna Langehennig
Bachelor of Music, Flute Performance ’22

“Scholarships are important to me because they allow higher education to be affordable. They have greatly impacted my college experience, as I have been financially on my own since turning 18. Instead of working full-time and accumulating debt while still attending class and practice, scholarships have relieved the weight of financial struggles from my shoulders. I’m grateful to study with world-class faculty and colleagues at a wonderful school like CU Boulder.”

Ilan BlanckIlan Blanck
Master of Music, Composition ’22

“With scholarships, I can focus on what I am at CU to do: study. It is a huge privilege to not have to worry about many of the financial obstacles that prevent so many from having a wonderful college experience. With financial awards, I’m able to focus on improving myself as a musician, thinker and person. I hope to have the opportunity to pass these gifts on to others someday. 

“As the son of immigrants and a descendant of Holocaust survivors, I recognize that I have been given much in this life, and I am determined to make something of it. To be able to dedicate my life to music—something that has captured my attention and imagination since I was young—is an unbelievable gift and I intend to do all I can to pay it forward to others.”

Eponine BellEponine Bell
Bachelor of Music Education, Choral Education ’24

“I am so incredibly thankful for the scholarships I have received. I adore my professors here at CU and believe I’m getting an incredible education. It would not be possible for me to be here without the generosity of donors and scholarship programs. My scholarships are such a blessing and are helping me make my dream career a reality: to help young people find a passion and love for music just as I did.”

O’Neil Jones
Doctor of Musical Arts, Choral Conducting ’24

O’Neil Jones“Without scholarships I would not be able to pursue a terminal degree in the field as I am today. They’ve given me the opportunity to explore and expand my knowledge and experience triple-fold. The financial security of scholarships help students become their best, most well-rounded self, academically and otherwise. I’m grateful to College of Music donors for investing in the future of music—and more specifically, into my life of music. The opportunity to study at CU Boulder is amazing and to be able to work with no worry of financial woes is an absolute blessing.”