College of Music Advisory Board


Welcome to the College of Music Advisory Board at the Univeristy of Colorado Boulder!

Our mission is to advocate for and support the College of Music (COM) and its students, faculty, alumni, programs and staff. We commitment to:

  1. Serve in an advisory capacity for the COM.
  2. Provide perspective to the dean and advocate for the COM to the university leadership team.
  3. Provide material support for the COM through gifts of time, talent and treasure.
  4. Advocate for the COM and its faculty, students, staff and alumni, and its performances and other programming, toward the goal of expanding the COM's reputation locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

What we do

  • Support the overall mission of the COMserving its students, faculty, staff, alumni and programs.
  • Keep informed about COM programs and offerings by attending master classes, lectures, concerts, recitals and department meetings.
  • Attend events and meet with alumni, donors and friends of the college. (You'll often see a board member introducing Faculty Tuesdays recitals!)
  • Host receptions to introduce members of the community to the college’s Faculty Tuesdays series, student recitals, opera performances, orchestra concerts and master classes.
  • Recognize and engage former board members and supporters of the college—capitalizing on their experience and dedication—to encourage their further engagement.
  • Participate in college planning activities and task force initiatives.

Additionally, the Music Advisory Board, American Music Research Center Board and Artist Series Board host monthly breakfast gatherings for COM students, providing an opportunity to meet and get to know our students while making the students aware of the boards’ support.

College of Music Advisory Board

John Davis

Laurie Hathorn

Susan Baer
Margaret Berg
Christopher Brauchli
Joan Mclean Braun
Robert Bunting
Jan Burton
Robert Charles, Jr.
Martha Coffin Evans
Paul Eklund
Jonathan Fox
David Wilber Fulker
Grace Gamm
Lloyd Gelman
Kathleen Hayes
Doree DuMont Hickman
Carrie Howard
Daryl Keith James
Maria Johnson
Caryl Kassoy
C. Ben Nelson
Susan Jane Olenwine
Rodolfo Perez
Lauren Petersen
Michele Ritter
Matthew Roeder
Rebecca Roser
Firuzeh Saidi
Lynn Streeter
Jeannie Thompson
Andrew Todd
Jack Walker
Celia Waterhouse

Dean’s Cabinet
Executive Assistant to the Dean Lauren Petersen
Assistant Dean for Concerts + Communications Joan McLean Braun
Assistant Dean for Budget + Finance Carrie Howard
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Margaret Berg
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies + Enrollment Management Matthew Roeder