music advisory board
College of Music Advisory Board

Our mission is to support the College of Music, its students, faculty, programs, staff and alumni. The College of Music Advisory Board (MAB) works closely with members of the Music, Arts and Culture team to support development and advancement opportunities and objectives for the College of Music.

What we do

  1. Bagels With The Boards  The MAB, Artist Series Board and AMRC Board take turns hosting breakfast breaks for students. This gives us all a chance to meet, greet and spend time with tstudents while making them aware of support mechanisms the board can provide.
  2. Department Advocates  In an attempt to stay informed about the many exciting and innovative programs and departments within the College of Music, MAB members partner with different departments each semester. Attending master classes, recitals, lectures and more enhances our knowledge of the offerings of the College of Music and enables us to be better informed advocates within the community.
  3. Outreach  MAB members attend alumni functions and meet with alumni, donors and friends of the college. You will often see one of us introducing Faculty Tuesday concerts.
  4. Receptions  Members of the MAB host receptions to introduce members of the community to College of Music Faculty Tuesday performances, recitals, programs, opera, orchestra and concerts.
  5. Individual Board Member Special Interest Projects  Board members affiliate with various studios, programs and outreach opportunities in order to learn more about the mission of the college and support students in their various endeavors.
  6. Former Board Member/Supporter Engagement  Board members recognize and engage former board members and supporters of the College of Music, capitalizing on their experience and dedication, to encourage further involvement with the goals and needs of the college.
  7. Fostering Specific Student Connections  MAB members offer their support for selected student initiatives for increased impact.
  8. Mentorship  Board members mentor students and assist with networking for internships and employment opportunities.
  9. Strategic Plan  MAB members participated in the recent college-wide strategic planning project. Many participated in committees early on; three members continue to serve on the steering committee.

Music Advisory Board

Robert Shay

Mikhy Ritter

Current Advisors
Sue Baer
Jim Bailey
Gil Berman
Christopher Brauchli
Bob Bunting
Jan Burton
Bob Charles
Paul Eklund
Bill Elliott
Martha Coffin Evans
Jonathan Fox
David Fulker
Grace Gamm
Lloyd Gelman
Doree Hickman
Daryl James
Maria Johnson
Caryl Kassoy
Robert Korenblat
Erma Mantey
Ben Nelson
Joe Negler
Susan Olenwine
Tom Price
Becky Roser
Firuzeh Saidi
Stein Sture
Jeannie Thompson
Jack Walker
Celia Waterhouse

Dean's Cabinet
Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Undergraduate Studies James Austin
Assistant Dean for Concerts and Communications Joan McLean Braun
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Steven Bruns
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Operations John Davis
Interim Assistant Dean for Advancement Courtney Rowe
Executive Assistant to the Dean Alexander George
Assistant Dean for Budget and Finance David Mallett