University of Colorado resources

Other resources

  • Conducting Your Presence: Alumna Christie Conover has a master class series on finding your best presence to represent yourself well at auditions. See the sample flyer for more information.
  • Fine Tuned Society: Also founded by Christie Conover, this Denver-Boulder area concert series gives recent College of Music alumni a chance to polish their performance pieces or audition repertoire in front of a welcoming, supportive audience. Contact Christie for more information at or visit the Fine Tuned Society website.
  • College prep for high school musicians: Alumnus Michael Kilcoyne has started a lesson series to help high school aged students prepare for college music auditions and for the college music school application process. The program, great for any level of student hoping to continue their musical studies, will take your high school student through the process of selecting appropriate audition repertoire, preparing a successful audition and navigating the application process with tips and pointers for a successful application package. Contact Michael for more information at
  • Theoryworks: Alumna Amy Stewart has created an exciting new education software program in partnership with Soundfly called Theoryworks. The online theory course is aimed at helping musical theater actors learn theory using repertoire applicable to their careers. This fun and engaging course will have you ready to understand the theory and historical context of your pieces for any audition. For more information, visit the Theoryworks website or Facebook page.
  • Alumnus Ryan Sargent, social media manager for MakeMusic, offers consultations for fellow alums on how to more effectively use social media to promote your business, build a brand as an artist, promote your artist mission and brand, and so much more! Contact him at 720-515-7421 or tweet him @ryan_n_sargent for more information.
  • Alumnus Farland Bottoms owns the Bottoms School of Vocal Acoustics, which offers vocal training workshops to local small programs and choirs. He is also a specialist in teaching developing female voices.  Send him an email for more information.

Are you working on any programs that provide resources to your fellow alumni? Email Meagan Mahlberg to have them included here!