Looking to hire a CU student to perform at your event? CU Gigs is the place! We maintain an extensive database of talented, professional music students available for hire, and we are happy to provide referrals. Whether it is for creating the perfect ambience at a cocktail hour or adding that special touch to your wedding, CU Gigs has an array of professional, student musicians available to hire for your event!

Request a musician

To request a CU student to perform at your event, fill out this form. The process of referring and connecting musicians is best done at least 2-3 months in advance in order to find suitable musicians. We are more than happy to plan and consult with clients well in advance. The typical turn-around from musician request to referral takes about two to three weeks, but may vary depending on musician needs and time of year that the request is submitted. For example, it may take longer if submitted during the summer, CU’s winter break, and final exam periods (early to mid-December and late April to early May). CU Gigs makes no promises or obligations to process and refer musician requests within three weeks of the event.

Once the above form is received, the CU Gigs music referral coordinator will be in contact within 2-3 business days to assist you and provide the appropriate musician referrals for your event.

To hire a collaborative pianist, please contact Professor Margaret McDonald.

Register as a CU Gigs musician

Are you a College of Music student looking for gigging opportunities? Register as a solo musician or ensemble by filling out this streamlined form.

CU Gigs Details and Policies

Curious to learn more about how the program works? Find out at the CU Gigs Details and Policies page.