The Entrepreneurship Center for Music at CU Boulder (ECM) is a national leader in professional development for musicians. As one of the first such programs in the country, the ECM is itself an entrepreneurial endeavor, developing new paradigms for education, leadership, and advocacy in the emerging field of arts entrepreneurship.

"The ECM is an incredible resource for anyone seriously interested in a career in the arts. We wish a program as comprehensive had been in existence for us when we were in school! We've never seen a program that addresses such a variety of skills, all of which are necessary after graduation. We will be using this program as an example of what is possible in our future work with students and in our own career." - The Cecelia String Quartet

Our mission is simple: to equip today’s music students with the skills and tools they need to create sustainable careers in the arts. With the arts business undergoing enormous changes in how content is produced, distributed, and consumed, ECM programming goes beyond the traditional career skills taught at some music schools. At the ECM, students are encouraged to develop entrepreneurial skills to explore the vast opportunities inherent in a changing marketplace, and develop plans to implement career-enhancing ventures across the artistic spectrum.

As one of the earliest and most developed music entrepreneurship programs in the country, the ECM is a model for programs of its kind nationwide. Feel free to be in touch to find out more about our programs.

Tools and Training for a Life in Music