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The Modelica Buildings library is a free open-source library with dynamic simulation models for building and district energy and control systems. The development of Modelica Buildings library is led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). The Modelica Buildings library website is 

Developing library quality models requires rigorous training in physical systems, numerical algorithms, and software engineering. Dr. Zuo was one of the first developers of the Buildings library while he worked as a Research Scientist at LBNL. When Dr. Zuo moved to academia in 2013, he has continued the collaboration with LBNL for the development of Buildings library. Besides developing models by himself, he has invested a lot of time in training new library developers. As a result, many SBS lab members have been officially acknowledged as the contributors of the Buildings library. This page shows some of our research related to the Buildings library development.

  • Data Center Cooling Models:

Data Centerpng

Detailed cooling system models for data centers were developed and released open source in the Buildings library here. These models were developed as part of the DOE project Improving Data Center Energy Efficiency through End-to-End Cooling Modeling and Optimization to improve data center energy efficiency through optimization of cooling systems and airflow management, either separately or coupled. An example of one of the chiller cooled system models is shown on the right. More about this research can be found in this paper: Y. Fu, W. Zuo, M. Wetter, J. W. VanGilder, P. Yang 2019. "Equation-Based Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation of Data Center Cooling Systems." Energy and Buildings, 198, pp. 503-519.

  • Coupled Indoor Airflow, HVAC, Control, and Building Envelope Heat Transfer Models:


These models couple our FFD code for indoor airflow simulation with HVAC, control, and building envelope heat transfer models from the Buildings library. This allows for the dynamic simulation of complex, stratified airflow in buildings that can be used for the design and control of ventilation systems. These models have been released open source in the Buildings library here and an example model that simulates feedback control of space cooling is shown on the right. More about this research can be seen in this paper: W. Zuo, M. Wetter, W. Tian, D. Li, M. Jin, Q. Chen 2016. "Coupling Indoor Airflow, HVAC, Control and Building Envelope Heat Transfer in the Modelica Buildings Library.” Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 9(4), pp. 366-381.


Library Developers from the SBS Lab:

Yangyang  Yangyang Fu                Katy Katy Hinkelman                Dan Dan Li                           Tom Thomas Alonso Sevilla

Wei Wei Tian                        Wangda Wangda Zuo

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