Dominik passes his Master defense!

Jan. 13, 2021

Congratulations to Dominik for successfully defending his Master's thesis in AI for indoor airflow simulation. He was sponsored by CU Boulder's Europe-Colorado program, which is a joint research project with Professor Philipp Epple at the Coburg University of Applied Science and Arts in Germany. The application for 2021 Europe-Colorado program...


Matthew Strong receives the honorable mention for the CRA outstanding CS undergraduate researcher in all of North America

Dec. 19, 2020

Matthew Strong receives the honorable mention for the Computing Research Association Outstanding Computer Science Undergraduate Researcher in all of North America, which is the most prestigious for all Computer Science students. In the past few years, Matthew has been working with Dr. Yunyang Ye and Yingli Lou in high-performance computing...


Xu's Ph.D. thesis is approved!

Nov. 18, 2020

On November 17, 2020 Xu's Ph.D. thesis titled Holistic Optimization of Data Center Cooling Systems and Airflow Management was approved by the committee. Congratulations to Dr. Xu Han on this huge accomplishment, and we wish him the best on his future endeavors!

Data center

Xu's journal paper on optimal airflow management in data centers is published

Nov. 18, 2020

Optimal airflow management can save 50% cooling energy for data centers as demonstrated in our new journal paper about our open source Fast Fluid Dynamics model for fast prediction of data center airflow. The paper is available here . Funded by DOE's BENEFIT program, this is a joint effort of...


Saranya receives fellowship for 2020-2021 academic year

Oct. 1, 2020

Ph.D. student Saranya Anbarasu has been selected to receive the Awtar and Teji Singh Graduate Fellowship from the College of Engineering and Applied Science. This fellowship will provide her additional financial support for her graduate studies during the 2020-2021 academic year. Congratulations to Saranya for receiving this prestigious fellowship!


SBS Lab members lead workshop for Modelica Conference

Sept. 18, 2020

Ph.D. candidate Jing Wang and SBS Lab alum Dr. Sen Huang from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory lead an online Modelica workshop for the American Modelica Conference on Friday, September 18. The workshop was titled Cyber-physical System Modeling using Modelica for Smart and Sustainable Communities . This workshop covered the use...

Smart city webinar

Dr. Zuo gives webinar on smart cities

Sept. 9, 2020

On Wednesday September 9, 2020 Dr. Zuo gave a webinar on time-saving smart cities, also featuring Jason Nelson from Smart Cities Council and Giandri Machado from Stefanini. Congratulations to Dr. Zuo for being chosen to give this webinar and we look forward to more presentations in the future!


SBS Lab begins project modeling contaminant spread in urban environment

Sept. 9, 2020

The lab is starting new research to model the transport of contaminants in urban environment. Ph.D. students Cary Faulkner and Jake Castellini are working on this project funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We look forward to seeing the results from...


College of Engineering posts news about new research in SBS Lab

Sept. 8, 2020

The College of Engineering at CU Boulder has recently posted an article on new research by the SBS Lab to develop an open source tool to improve electric grid efficiency and resiliency. This exciting project is in collaboration with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Texas Austin, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory,...

Smart garden

Dr. Zuo receives funding for NSF project: Modernizing Cities via Smart Garden Alleys with Application in Makassar City

July 21, 2020

Dr. Zuo will be leading a new project on "Modernizing Cities via Smart Garden Alleys with Application in Makassar City" funded by the National Science Foundation. This project is in collaboration with the US Department of State, Virginia Tech and Gadja Mada University to integrate innovations in smart and connected...