SBS lab is in the procces of moving to Penn State University. We have openings for two fully funded Post-Doctors (job description is here) and four fully funded Ph.D. students (job description is here) Fall 2022 at Penn State.

We are always looking for highly motivated individuals, who are interested in cutting-edge modeling and simulation technologies, as well as their applications in the optimal design and operation of smart, sustainable, and resilient buildings, communities and cities. Some of our research projects are

What can we offer?

All our Ph.D. students are fully funded. In addition, we have developed a system for training, mentoring and supporting, including

  • a personalized career development plan, 
  • a dedicated student mentor,
  • weekly individual technical meeting with Dr. Zuo to go deep in your research,
  • bi-weekly group meeting to share your research and learn from other lab members,
  • various training materials, guidelines, and tips developed by our members,
  • internal supporting and collaborative environment,

to ensure that all our Ph.D. graduates will have: 

  • outstanding dissertations. In 2019-2021, our Ph.D. students have been nominated twice for College of Engineering & Applied Science's Outstanding Dissertation Award by the Department Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (the department only nominates one disseration for that award every year). 
  • deep knowledge in your specific area, which is evidenced by publishing at least 4 first-author papers at top journals.
  • broad vision about other related research area, which is evidenced by co-authoring multiple journal papers with lab mates. All Ph.D. students are expected to be expert in their niche area. By supporting other lab mates with your expertise, you will extend your research and boost your publication.
  • multi-disciplinary background in physical systems, software engineering and numerical analysis. Many of our projects are related to developing open source modeling tools for the energy efficient buildings and communities, including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Modelica Buildings Library. Our students will become experts in both physical system and software development.
  • extensive collaboration with other universities, DOE national labs (e.g., ANL, NREL, LBNL, LLNL, ORNL, PNNL), and companies. Most of our research projects are multi-institute collaborative projects. Students are expected to interact with our collaborators on a regular base. 
  • excellent communication skills in both writing and presenting. 
  • good management skills including project management, interaction with sponsors and external partners, lab management, recruitment, and mentoring new Ph.D. students. 
  • experience in grant proposal development. All students are encouraged to develop grant proposals with Dr. Zuo. Several students have helped securing multi-million dollars external grants from National Science Foundation and US Department of Energy. 
  • strong support in applications of various internal and external awards and fellowships. Our lab typically receives 10+ student awards every year.

What do we expect?

We expect the applicants have strong interests in computer modeling and simulation as this is our main research focus. In addition, we expect the following from our applicants: 

  • devoted to research and work hard
  • solid background in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, building and community energy and control systems.  
  • research experience with tangible outcome (e.g., peer reviewed publications) 
  • willing and be able to learn new knowledge quickly
  • work independently in a team environment
  • good English verbal and written communication skills
  • programming experience (e.g., C/C++, Modelica, Matlab, Python) 
  • previous research experience in modeling and simulation is preferred, but not required

How to apply?

Our lab is in the procces of moving to Penn State University. Please submit your application to Department of Architectural Engineering at Penn State.

In your personal statement, please indicate that you want to work with Dr. Zuo so that your application will be brought to our attention.