Published: March 23, 2019

This package is an outcome of our data center project sponsored by the DOE. See this research page for more information.

  • Modelica models package for data center cooling systems

4 system models and 30+ component models for data center cooling systems have been released in the DOE’s Modelica Buildings library (V5.0.0): Buildings.Applications.DataCenters.   

  • ISAT-FFD model for data center airflow management

ISAT-FFD is a reduced order model trained by FFD simulations that can be used for fast predictions of airflow in the building. 

  • Integrated model of data center airflow management and cooling systems

The integrated model that couples Modelica cooling system model with ISAT-FFD for airflow mangement, which can be regarded as an alternated detailed room model in Modelica Building library.

Software Download

The development site of the Modelica models package is at: .

The development site of the ISAT-FFD model is at:

The development site of the ISAT module in Modelica Buildings library is at:

The mesh tool “SCI” program for Fast Fluid Dynamics in Modelica Buildings Library:


This guide describes how to compile and run ISAT cases in Linux.

This guide shows how to compile the ISAT libraries using free software in Windows.

A guide for pre-processing with SCI can be found here.