Published: March 23, 2019

This package is an outcome of our data center project sponsored by the DOE. See this research page for more information.

  • Modelica models package for data center cooling systems

4 system models and 30+ component models for data center cooling systems have been released in the DOE’s Modelica Buildings library (V5.0.0): Buildings.Applications.DataCenters.   

  • ISAT-FFD model for data center airflow management

ISAT-FFD is a reduced order model trained by FFD simulations that can be used for fast predictions of airflow in the building. 

  • Integrated model of data center airflow management and cooling systems

The integrated model that couples Modelica cooling system model with ISAT-FFD for airflow mangement, which can be regarded as an alternated detailed room model in Modelica Building library.

Software Download

The development site of the Modelica models package is at: .

The development site of the ISAT-FFD model is at:

The development site of the ISAT module in Modelica Buildings library is at:

The mesh tool “SCI” program for Fast Fluid Dynamics in Modelica Buildings Library:


This guide describes how to compile and run ISAT cases in Linux.

This guide shows how to compile the ISAT libraries using free software in Windows.

This guide demonstrates how to compile the FFD CPU and GPU codes in Windows.

A guide for pre-processing with SCI can be found here.